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Information includes generator placement and site preparation.

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  1. questionDo I need a cold weather kit?
    Depends on where you live and how cold it gets...if you experience temperatures below 32 degrees, yes you should get cold weather protection. Each manufacture has recommended cold weather protection accessories that may include battery warmers, crankcase warmers, oil warmers and block heaters, ...
  2. questionDoes my unit require a concrete pad?
    The air cooled generators all come with a pad already attached to the generator, manufactures require a level site and a pea gravel bed only. Liquid cooled generators all require concrete pads or a similarly prepared installation site.
  3. questionWhat is the cost for generator installation?
    Installation costs vary from area to area...whether or not you are using an authorized dealer or a licensed electrician. Variables may include the cost for permit fees, fuel tank installation, gas line installation…custom wiring or custom site preparation (beyond the minimum required by ...
  4. questionWhere is the manual and flex fuel line, the instructions say they are in inside?
    Literature and included accessories that are shipped with your generator are stored in the battery compartment area for most standby models. Look behind the service door for most RV models.