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  1. questionHow are Generators shipped and what services are included?
    The generators are shipped by 18 wheelers, minimum 40 ft. trailers. We request the freight company to provide you with 24 hour delivery notification and for most models up to 25kW the shipment will be delivered by lift gate service to ground level curbside delivery (exception is the 22kW). Unit ...
  2. questionWhere is the manual and flex fuel line, the instructions say they are in inside?
    Literature and included accessories that are shipped with your generator are stored in the battery compartment area for most standby models. Look behind the service door for most RV models.
  3. questionShipping Status?
    We can usually provide you with at least a "shipping window" at the time your order is placed, and more specific information later as your order is processed. We can email you tracking information and you can always contact our shipping department directly for updates. A ...