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Setup for Propane
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21st of January, 2011

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Most of the standby generators offered by Norwall PowerSystems from 8kW - 48kW are considered dual fuel.  This means they
will operate on either natural gas or propane.  Each dual fuel generator is set up at the factory (and shipped) ready for natural gas.

The steps to converting from natural gas to propane are outlined in your owner's manual.  Not every model sold will have loose parts
for the conversion, some conversions are as simple as locating the fuel selector switch and moving it into the propane position.
Visitor Comments
  1. Comment #1 (Posted by JERRY )
    I'M THINKING OF BUYING YOUR MODEL#6051 HOW COMPLETE IS IT..I HAVE LP GAS DOES IT COME WITH FITTINGS AND WHAT SIZE IS THERE ANY WIRE LOOM BETWEEN METER OR TRANSFER SWITCH SHIPPING TO 84050 MORGAN,UT AND HOW LONG ETC.. IF I BUY MORE THAN 1 DISCOUNT..I'M AN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR SO I'LL BE INSTALLING THEM MYSELF..THANKS Answer: Sorry for the delay. Most home standby generators come set to run on natural gas but are field convertible to propane. This model of the 10kW and 200 amp ATS is not pre-wired. The only ATS that is pre-wired from Generac is the 100 amp EZ Switch. Discounts on home standby generators are considered on a per case basis. To start you would need to order 4 or more and they would all need to ship to the same address. If you would like more information give us a call 928-453-4494.
  2. Comment #2 (Posted by denine werkmeister )
    we have put in the switch in the house, but lost the owners manual to set up for propane and get it switched to the house. if i could have the instructions for that it would be greatly appreciated. as of right now all i have is a very expensive lawn ornament. thank you
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