Generac Warranty Information

WARRANTY: Information Only – No Warranty Applies


1. When does the warranty start?

A. For units requiring activation – The date the Activation Code is received from Generac.

B. For units not requiring activation including: portables, power washers and RV units – The date of purchase.


2. Extended Warranties (Price, Scope, Length, Is Product Eligible?)

A. It is Generac's policy on Extended Warranties that the End User MUST:

a. Purchase the Extended Warranty within the first year from the date of purchase.

B. Reconditioned, improperly stored, and Prime Power units are not eligible for extended warranties.

C. Core Power, EcoGen, portable, and RV units are not eligible for extended warranties at this time.


3. Warranty on Remote Monitors, Air-cooled Cold Weather Kits, or Block Heaters?

A. Cold Weather Kits are handled like Accessories and carry a 90 Day parts only warranty.

B. On Industrial units, Block Heaters carry a first year parts, labor and travel warranty.

C. On Res/Com units, Remote Monitors carry a 180 day parts and labor warranty. Travel is not paid.

D. On Res/Com units, Block Heaters carry a 90 day parts warranty. Travel and labor are not paid.


4. Travel Rate Reimbursement (What Generac, the Service Dealer and End User responsibilities are.)

A. Modes of Transportation (ferries, planes, snow-cats, etc.)

a. Ferries, planes, snow-cats, etc. are not covered. It is the End User's choice to live or place their facilities in those locations so they bear some of the logistical responsibilities. The Dealer will not be reimbursed for these modes of transportation. Additional travel is outside the scope of the warranty policy.


5. International Warranties

A. Call for Details


6. How long is a transfer switch warranty?

A. A transfer switch purchased with a generator is covered with the generator. They must be registered together at start-up using the online registration form.

B. If an Extended Warranty is purchased, the transfer switch is covered with the generator for the extended period IF they are started up and registered at the same time. Limit one transfer switch per generator.

C. Transfer switch upgrades.

a. If the transfer switch is upgraded, the new transfer switch is covered with the generator if it is started (put in service) and registered at the same time as the generator.

b. If an upgrade switch is installed after the generator is started and registered, it will have its own standard warranty effective on its date of startup and registration.

c. The original (removed) Serialized transfer switch will have its own standard Transfer Switch Warranty when installed at a new site as long as it was not started up, powered by or registered with the original generator.

d. The original (removed) transfer switch will NOT have any Warranty if it does not have a serial number, or it was powered by, or started up and registered with the original generator. It will be treated like any other part pulled off a generator (pump, sensor, etc.).


7. What is the warranty on a replaced (swapped) generator?

A. When the End User purchased the generator, a warranty was given that covered a certain number of years. If a generator fails in that warranty period, the unit is repaired and the original warranty continues. Swapping a generator is a method of repairing the generator. The same as swapping a controller or engine or bringing a unit back as a Repair and Return. The warranty would continue including any extended warranty time purchased with the original unit. If the original unit had less than 90 days remaining, the new unit would have a 90-day warranty. The warranty would not start over.


8. Are warranties transferable?

A. On any permanently mounted unit (Residential/Commercial, Industrial, etc) the warranty only transfers if the unit stays in place. If the house or business is sold and the generator is not moved, the warranty will transfer to the new owner.

B. On RV units, it stays with the coach. If the coach is sold, the warranty transfers to the second owner only.

C. On Portables, Inverters or Power Washers, the warranty applies to the original owner only.

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