Generac Mobile Link FAQ


1.  Are there any fees for the cellular service?

Each new device(MSRP of $279) comes with a one year cellular subscription. After that, subscription options vary from $12.50/month to $99/year annual plans. Plans automatically renew using the same payment method and plan selection for your convenience. Additional subscription time can be added at any time without penalty, though cancellation of prepaid plans may carry an early termination fee. Keep in mind that standard messaging/data rates from your mobile phone provider would apply if you opt to receive text/email notifications on your mobile phone.

2.  I don't receive my notifications instantly when my generator status changes. What's wrong?

The Mobile Link hardware is designed to balance both value and convenience by delivering messages within a reasonable timeframe, using cost-effective cellular technology.  Please note that there can be a lag of approximately 5 to 15 minutes between when the generator expereinces an updated status and when the notification is delivered.  This delay allows Mobile Link customers to proactively know, from anywhere in the world, that their generator will be ready when they need it, at a best-in-industry price!

Please note, that the lag in notification does not interfere with the reliability of the generator to automatically start and transfer power in the event of a power outage.

If you would like to improve the messaging speed, changing your exercise time to a randon day & time (other than factory default Wednesday at 2pm or weekends) will allow your message to hit the servers when they are less busy, while still giving you peace of mind that your generator is ready (since Mobile Link's proactive notifications mean you no longer have to set the exercise time for when you can hear/see the generator running). If you wish to change the exercise time, the setting is located under on under My Generator > Settings.  Remember to change the exercise time to a time at least 30 minutes in the future.

3.  I changed the exercise time through, but the unit did not exercise at the specific time. What's wrong?

Communication between the Mobile Link device, generator, and the servers is always subject to cellular network strength. If changing the exercise time through, the exercise time should not be set to run any less than 30 minutes from the current time (i.e. if it is 7am, the earliest exercise time you should set is 7:30am), to allow time for the generator to receive and process the information. If sufficient time has been allowed and the generator is still not exercising at the new time, please check the time and exercise settings directly at the generator controller.

4.  I didn't get a notification that I expected to receive - what's wrong?

When you registered to receive notifications, you had to choose between 'All Notifications' or 'Exercise confirmation, maintenance and fault indicators only'. If you did not select 'All Notifications', you may not be setup to receive the notification you are expecting. Please log in to to view your status history and review your notification settings

If 'All Notifications' is selected, please ensure the messages are not stuck in your spam filter or junk email folder. You can prevent future emails from going to spam/junk by adding '’ to your safe senders list and/or contacts. 

Generators older than 2013 do not create alerts for all of the eligible notifications. To see a list of which notifications are compatbile with your generator, please click here.

5.  How do I change my Generator's name?

Log in to Standby Status and go to My Account > Change Address. At the top of the right column is the Generator Name field, the name can be changed here.

6.  What operating systems and browsers does the Standby Status site work with?

Standby Status supports the following operating systems and browsers: 

a) Desktops/Laptops: 
Internet Explorer - 8 and 9 
Firefox – current version 
Chrome – current version 

b) Mobile Operating Systems: 
iOS – version 5+ 
Android – version 3.2+ (limited functionality for versions less than 3.2) 

c) Mobile Browsers: 
Safari – current version 
Chrome – current version 
Firefox – current version

7.  The website looks funny. What's happening?

There could be several things causing that: -Be sure that you are only logged into the website on one web browser session. Sometimes, if you're logged into the site from multiple web browser sessions, the screens can look funny. Log out of your account from both browsers and log back in on only one. That should correct the issue. -Some web browsers don't support full site functionality. Be sure to use a major web browser; some examples would be Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. -There may be site maintenance happening. Although we try to impact the fewest users when we do site maintenance, it may cause the site to look funny. If you can, log out, close your account, and come back later.

8.  I have my generator maintained regularly. Why would I need a monitor?

While regular maintenance is key to keeping your generator ready to run when needed, problems can occur between maintenance visits. Mobile Link makes sure that you, and your service/maintenance provider, know of and can proactively address these unforeseen issues before they create a problem.

9.  What can I monitor?

Mobile Link sends notifications on approximately 40 unique maintenance and fault alerts for your standby generator. To see a list of which notifications are compatbile with your generator, please click here.

10.  How will Mobile Link communicate with me that there is an alarm or fault?

When the generator experiences a change in status, Mobile Link sends the update to, which forwards that information to customers via website, email (up to 4 accounts) and/or text message (up to 4 mobile phone numbers) – automatically.

11.  Will someone call me when there is a problem with my generator?

When the generator experiences a change in status, up to 4 email addresses and up to 4 text message are notified.  If your service/maintenance provider has their email and/or phone number as one of the contacts, they will receive the notification and be able to discuss options with you.  For elevated response needs, please contact your service/maintenance provider to discuss service and maintenance plans.

12.  What does tell me that the notifications do not? gives you more detailed information on your generator, including operational metrics (i.e. output frequency and voltage), battery status, status history and a maintenance log. Total 'run hours' are also listed to the right of the screen on both the 'Status History' and 'Maintenance Log' screens.   Click here to see a video about site capabilities.

13.  Can I tell the generator to start or stop through the device?

Standby generators automatically transfers from utility to generator power when there is a power failure. They also typically exercises themselves automatically to make sure there are no problems and to circulate their oil. Because of these automatic features, being able to manually start the generator at full load from a remote monitor has limited practical benefits.  

The Mobile Link does allow customers to change the exercise time, however it only allows the exercise to be run at the factory recommended speed since full power is not necessary (and simply puts extra wear on your generator).

14.  Does Mobile Link provide software updates?

Mobile Link DOES NOT provide software updates to the generator.

15.  Does Mobile Link transmit data constantly?

To conserve bandwidth, which keeps the cost low, Mobile Link intelligently transmits to when there is a change in a generator's status. If there has been no change in status message received within a certain time period, will 'poke' the mobile link device to make sure everything is ok.

16.  Will Mobile Link work with my standby generator?

At this time, Mobile Link only works with select 2008 and newer air-cooled and 2010 and newer liquid-cooled standby generators from Generac, Centurion, Honeywell, Eaton and Siemens that have a 2-line LCD display. click here to see what the LCD screen looks like.

17.  I already have a wireless remote monitor. Can I add this as well?

Mobile Link is not compatible with existing wireless monitoring solutions from Generac®, Honeywell®, Centurion®, Eaton® or Siemens®.  Mobile Link features the most valuable information from previous monitoring products and makes the information available to customers proactively, wherever they are.

18.  How do I register or activate my Mobile Link device?

It's easy! Click the Sign Up button on and enter the required information, following the prompts on the site. For additional information, click here to view a how-to registration video.

19.  How long does installation take?

Mobile Link device installation takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, with registration on taking an addition 5 to 10 minutes.  Click here to view a registration how-to video or click here for an installation video. 
The owner's manual can be found here (installation assistance starts on page 12), and installation templates here.

When connecting Mobile Link to your generator's controller, please keep in mind that Mobile Link plugs into the 8-pin accessory port, located at the front/bottom of the controller.  In addition :

  • On 2008 controllers, the controller has to be removed from the frame and lifted up to gain access to the accessory port.
  • 2010 models can access the port without removing the controller
  • For 2008 and 2010 models, there may be a sticker that says “Accessory Port” over the port that must be removed before installing a Mobile Link.
  • On 2013 controllers, the port is covered by a sticker that reads “Accessory Port 1”. Please remove before installation of a Mobile Link.


20.  What network does the service run on?

The service runs on Verizon, though there is no ability to see or change this.

21.  Can I combine this with my current service through my cellular provider?

No, Mobile Link runs under a standalone service contract and cannot be combined with other services. After the initial trial period, will bill the customer directly for either a month-to-month or annual cellular connection plan.

22.  I don't have cellular coverage in my area, or the coverage is weak. Can I use Mobile Link?

Mobile Link works on a cellular network connection and without adequate cellular coverage, the device will not be able to communicate and notifications will not be sent. Please ensure you have adequate cellular coverage before purchasing and/or installing a Mobile Link device.

To test coverage in your area, stand where your standby generator is located, and confirm that you can open a website through the web browser on your smartphone.

23.  Do you have a non-cellular (i.e. Wi-Fi, LAN or dial-up modem) version?

Mobile Link’s cellular-based technology offers significant advantages, as cellular technology provides broad coverage nationwide, does not require complicated set-up or maintenance, and typically remains active during major weather events. WiFi and other local communication technologies are also sensitive to interference from other electronic devices and building materials.  Because of cellular's benefits, we do not offer a non-celluar version at this time.

24.  Can I use any sort of device (amplifier, repeater, extender) to improve my cellular coverage?

Third party antennas or signal boosters are currently not officially approved for use with the Mobile Link device. Verizon's Network Extender can boost local cellular signal strength for your Mobile Link and compatible cell phones. 

25.  Will this operate internationally?

Mobile Link subscriptions are currently only available in the US.

26.  Can I receive phone calls notifications instead of text or email?

At this time, we are only able to provide email or text message notifications. If you would like to make changes to the email address or phone number that receives those notifications, please log in to your account.

27.  Can I put in my service provider's email address/mobile phone number so they'll know if my generator doesn't start?

The site allows up to 4 email address and 4 mobile phone numbers. Please be sure to get your service provider's permission before entering their contact information.

28.  What emails or phone numbers would I receive notifications from?

Different types of notifications and messages regarding your account, generator notifications, and billing notifications will come from one of these:,,, or 910-11. Please be sure to add any appropriate email addresses to your email 'safe' list to ensure you are receiving the notifications.

29.  What notifications should I sign up for?

You can choose beween receiving 'All' or limited ('Exercise Confirmation, Maintenance, and Fault Indicators Only') notifications, depending on how informed you would like to stay.  Under normal circumstances, the generator will only trigger notification (s) when it exercises.  If you receive 'All' notifications, you would receive two messages - one message when your generator starts to exercise, and one when it returns back to 'ready to run' state.  With the limited messages selected, you would only receive the notification that the unit has started to exercise.

To change your notification settings, please login to your account at

30.  What does Ready to Run mean?

Ready to Run means that the generator is in Auto mode and is ready to provide backup power in the event of an utility power loss. You will see entries in the history log for “Ready to Run” when the mode on the controller is changed to Auto or when the generator has stopped running or exercising and has returned to Auto mode.

31.  I don't get notifications when the exercise cycle completes. What's wrong?

The exercise confirmation notification notifies users base don their notification settings.  For both settings, customers will receive a notification when the exercise cycle begins. You only receive notification that the exercise cycle completed if you signed up for notification on 'any change of status'.

32.  My email/text notifications are not arriving in the order I would expect them to when a series of events occurs. What's happening?

The order in which you receive the notifications can be affected by things unrelated to your generator or account. For example, if your personal email box only caches periodically, sometimes the notifications may arrive in your inbox in a different order than they were sent. Logging in to your account will allow you to verify the order of events.

33.  I registered my Mobile Link device on, but I'm not receiving any notifications. What's wrong?

Registration does not automatically set up notifications. You will need to select the notifications you wish to receive at (reccomended settings are listed at > My Account > Email Settings) 

If your notification settings are correct, please call 855-GEN-VIEW to review your account.

34.  I texted STOP back to the text message, but I'm still receiving them. Why?

Notifications cannot be stopped by replying to an email or text. All notifications are managed in your account. If you would like to make changes to the notifications you receive, log in to your account and make any appropriate changes.

35.  Why is the date/time on the notification different from the actual time?

The notifications report time based on the generator's internal settings. If the date/time being shown does not represent the actual date/time, please update your generator's settings in the generator control panel.

36.  How long is data stored?

Data is accumulated for customer use through and for analysis by our quality control department. All data is stored in on-premise secure

37.  Do other third party products or services work with Mobile Link?

Unfortunately not.

38.  Is it ok for my Mobile Link device to be outside in the snow or rain?


Mobile Link is designed for outside use.


39.  What do the lights on my Mobile Link device mean?

During proper operation, all 3 lights should be solid. If 1 hour after installing your device any of the lights are not-illuminated or are blinking, please reference the owner's manual for more details or contact customer support at 855-GEN-VIEW (855-436-8439).

40.  Where do I find the device MDN and/or MEID?

The MDN number can be found on the bottom of the device or on the packaging the device came in. The MEID can be found on the packaging the device came in.

41.  Why can't I change the generator exercise time on

If the unit is running (either in operational or exercise mode) or the unit is in an alarm status, you will not be able to change the generator exercise time (maintenance reminders do not affect the ability to change the exercise time). Once the unit is returned to a 'Ready to Run' status, you will again be able to change the exercise time. The exercise time must be set for at least 30 minutes ahead of the current date/time.

42.  The wiring harness I have isn't long enough to make the connections. What's wrong?

First, confirm whether or not you have an air-cooled product or a liquid-cooled product. If you have a liquid-cooled product, an additional wiring harness (PN#006478) is required to make the connections. Contact your place of purchase to inquire about the harness. 
If you have an air-cooled product, check to make sure that the location of the device matches up with the recommended device location, using the installation template.

43.  I have more than one generator and they are in different locations. Can I monitor them at the same time?

Absolutely! Once you have a account set up, you are able to add as many generators as appropriate, each carrying their own subscription. There is a spot to 'name' each generator so you know exactly what notifications relate to which generator.

44.  I'd like to change/add mobile phone numbers or email addresses on my account. How do I do that?

Log in to your account on and make any appropriate changes. You cannot change the email address you created the account with. You can change the email address that notifications are sent to. Phone numbers can be changed in the Change Address section of the My Accounts tab of your account.

45.  Why don't the maintenance intervals on my account match up with the schedule in the manual?

The generator controller plans it's reminder for whichever comes first, calendar time or run time. Once a reminder is initiated, it will plan the next reminder for exactly the next interval. For example, if the generator had maintenance done on 1/1/13 at run hour 153 and it was a 2 year/200 hour interval, the next reminder would be initiated for 1/1/2015 or run hour 353, whichever came first.

46.  Some gauges don't appear on my account dashboard. What's wrong?

Although a Mobile Link device can be used with air-cooled product manufactured in 2008 or later and liquid-cooled gaseous fueled products manufactured in 2010 or later that have (click here to see what the LCD screen looks like), not all features will be available on products manufactured before 2013. Please click here to see a list of notification compatability by model year.

47.  What kind of subscription options are available?

Each new device comes with a one year cellular subscription. After that, we have month-to-month and annual subscription options available.

48.  What forms of payment can I use?

Accepted forms of payment - Visa, MasterCard or American Express (AMEX) credit or debit cards. cards. 

We are unable to take payment by Discover card, check, EFT, or ACH at this time.

49.  Does it cost extra to have more message recipients?

Included in the subscription fee, you are allowed to add up to 4 email addresses and 4 phone numbers for text messages. Currently, we do not have the ability to have more than 4 recipients of each type of message.

50.  I don't want notifications, is there a discount on the subscription?

Although you can opt not to receive messages, there is still a cost for Mobile Link to cover the costs of transmitting the data via cellular network to the dashboard on your online account, and archiving the information. We feel our costs are extremely competitive, offering the best value to customers.

51.  I thought my device came with a free trial. Why was my account charged?

Each device comes with a one year free trial automatically, which takes effect the first time that device is ever subscribed. If you selected and purchased a paid subscription to take effect once the free trial is over, payment for the next subscription was captured on the day you purchased the subscription.

52.  Why was my account charged?

At the end of the last subscription, your subscription will autorenew with the same subscription that it was under last and will charge your account accordingly. If your credit card was charged unexpectedly, please call 855-GEN-VIEW to review your account.

53.  Why can't I renew my subscription on the website?

If you already have another paid subscription lined up to take effect after the subscription you are currently in, you won't be able to add another subscription until you are in that next subscription. If you are currently satisfied with the subscriptions you are in and/or have lined up to take effect, you don't need to do anything. At the end of the last subscription, your subscription will autorenew with the same subscription that it was under last.

54.  When will my account autorenew?

Autorenewals occur in the same month and on the same day of the month that the original purchase was made.

55.  How can I tell when my current subscription expires?

Under My Account > Subscription Renewal, if you are not currently able to add another subscription it will notify you of the date that you will be able to.

56.  I was told I would receive a refund but I have not received it. How come?

Refunds are processed within 10 business days and will generally be put back on the card that was used to make the original purchase. Sometimes, cards do not allow a refund and in that case a check will automatically be processed and mailed to the billing address on the account.

57.  Major differences between a local monitoring product and the cellular based Mobile Link

Looking to understand the difference between a local monitoring product and the cellular based Mobile Link? The points below highlight the major differences:

• Local monitors communicate on a local frequency. This local frequency is subject to interference at the house by other electronic devices and housing materials, while Mobile Link’s cellular connection provides reliable communication, even during power outages, nationwide. 

• A local monitor communicates only to one generator, within a limited range of the generator. Mobile Link allows a customer to monitor multiple generators from anywhere in the world.

• The generator clock is designed to only be set once at installation by the installer, and thus the capability to change this was not a strongly requested feature for Mobile Link. During daylight savings, the Mobile Link does allow customers to change the exercise time, however it only allows the exercise to be run at the factory recommended speed since full power is not necessary (and simply puts extra wear on your generator).

• As the Mobile Link has to transmit its data through the internet to the user, there is a lag of approximately 5 to 15 minutes. This lag does not interfere with the accuracy or reliability of the information as there are safety checks to help ensure all messages are delivered within a reasonable time frame from when an event happens or attention is needed, allowing Mobile Link customers to proactively know, from anywhere in the world, that their generator will be ready when they need it.

• Mobile Link is designed to proactively keep customers informed, so notifications (proactive) are sent out before is updated (reactive). While this processing priority may prevent customers from seeing everything happen in exact real-time on the dashboard, it does allow a Mobile Link customer to rest assured that the notifications are proactively delivering the information they need, when they need it. If a customer misses an event on the dashboard, the history log on allows a customer to easily see the last 50 events that the generator has experienced.

• The transfer switch on the Generac standby generators automatically transfers from utility to generator power when there is a power failure. The generator also weekly exercises itself to make sure there are no problems and to circulate its internal fluids. Because of these automatic features, being able to manually start the generator at full load from a remote monitor has limited practical benefits, and was thus removed to make Mobile Link easier to understand and use.

58.  What is the warranty?

The warranty on Mobile Link is for 1 year.  Should you experience any issues, please refence our FAQs for troubleshooting tips.  If these do not fix your problem, please contact customer support at 855-GEN-VIEW (855-436-8439).

If you are being sent a replacement unit, please call customer support to activate the new unit and move your account from the old Mobile Link to the new Mobile Link.

59.  What if I want to cancel my plan?

If you cancel during the free year, there is no refund for service (hardware issues will be repaired/replaced under warranty).  During paid periods, for annual plans, we do not pro-rate a cancellation – the cancellation must be received before the service starts, and we will refund the customer the amount paid minus the cancellation fee ($25). Monthly plans can be cancelled at any time without a fee and the service simply stops at the end of the current period.

60.  Is this MobileLink rated for outdoor use?


The MobileLink has been tested for outdoor use in hot and cold enviroments, is designed to resist UV rays, and has a rubber gasket seal to help prevent moisture from getting into the unit.


61.  What is the power consumption of the MobileLink device?

The MobileLink consumes 30mA continuosly at 12v dc.

62.  I have a problem or question - who can I contact?

If you have questions or problems, please contact our dedicated support team at: or (262) 290-5242

63.  How do I install the Mobile Link (#006463) with the liquid-cooled extension cable (#006478) on my compatible liquid-cooled standby generator?

The installation manual for a liquid-cooled generator can be found here:

64.  I received a connection lost message. What does this mean?

Your Mobile Link can temporarily loose connectivity with the cellular network (for example, Mobile Link will temporaily loose connection when cell towers are being upgraded or repaired).  The majority of the time, the Mobile Link will reset itself and regain connection.  If the device is ever disconnected for an extended period of time, it will send out a notification to alert you of its status, and then send another notification when it regains connection.  Even if the cellular connection is not present, the standby generator will still operate normally.

65.  Replacing a Mobile Link device

If you need to replace your Mobile Link device, please open the manual and follow step 6 and then steps 15 through 11 in order to remove the existing Mobile Link.  Then follow steps 11 through 15 to install the new Mobile Link.  You can also see a few images of how to unconnect/connect the ML device at 0:15 seconds in the installation video

Once the new unit is installed, please contact the support team with the MDN numbers (on the back of the device) for both the old and new Mobile Link, and they will update your account information.

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