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Portable Generator Basics

Portable generators supply electrical power wherever it is needed. Construction sites use them to power electric tools and temporary lighting. Small units in campsites power small appliances and festive lights. Homeowners use them for outdoor equipment or backup power during … Continue reading

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Ordering Parts: The Importance of Serial and Model Numbers

Have you ever called a dealer or manufacturer of just about anything for a maintenance or repair part? Chances are, the salesperson wanted to know the name of the product, the model number, the serial number and possibly even when … Continue reading

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Choosing a Home Standby Generator for Emergency Power

The decision to install a standby generator isn’t something to take lightly. Standby generators with installation are a considerable investment, but they offer your home and family a measure of protection and peace of mind that no other appliance can … Continue reading

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New Jersey: In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Coastal regions usually garner all the attention before, during, and after a hurricane. When hurricanes like Sandy roll up the coastline and finally turn inland, they bring destruction all along the shore and often for miles inland. Near the time … Continue reading

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Take Action: National Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricanes are without any doubt a force of nature to be respected. People living anywhere along North America’s Eastern and Gulf of Mexico coastlines need an emergency plan to deal with the possibility of a hurricane. The National Hurricane Center … Continue reading

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