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Make Sure Your Generator is Ready for Winter

Winter brings colder temperatures and everything from ice storms to blizzards. Your standby or portable generator has to operate when you need it. In winter, that means starting and running reliably in sub-freezing temperatures. Most engines do not start as … Continue reading

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You Ordered a Standby Generator – What Comes Next?

The last time you went without power you promised yourself it would never happen again. The decision was made and now you’ve taken action by ordering a new standby generator from Norwall Power Systems. What happens next? Delivery Your delivery … Continue reading

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Perform Your Own Power Grid Blackout Scenario

Federal authorities and electric utility companies are working together this week to simulate a national electric grid blackout. The purpose is to educate the Federal Government on what will happen if a terrorist attack or other event caused a widespread … Continue reading

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Be Prepared for Winter Storms

Winter has arrived in some places or is on the way in others. Winter storms bring a variety of conditions including cold temperatures, high winds, ice, rain, and snow―sometimes in paralyzing accumulations. When multiple factors add up, the results can … Continue reading

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