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You want to protect your family and property by installing an automatic standby generator system. Be sure to get a professional.  What should you expect from your installer?  Answer: Everything. After all, you want nothing less than the best!

Here is what Generac recommends that you and your installer should discuss as outlined in their Installation Program Brochure.  To read the brochure in its entirety click on this link: Install Program

Here are themain circuits that you want to protect…

  • Fuel Connections: The installer is not always the same person or company that does this part of the installation.  Your installer will be able to recommend a fuel provider for a quote.
  • Generator Placement: The installer can help you determine the ideal place and ensure it complies with applicable codes.

This information would also be applicable if you chose to use your own electrician for the installation.  Norwall PowerSystems always recommends you either use an authorized installing dealer or a licensed electrician. As always, contact us any time if you have questions about your generator project.

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