Generac Promotion Adds Extended Warranty to Standby Generator Packages

Generac 5-year extended warranty promotion ad.

Special Offer: Get a FREE 5 Year Extended Warranty $495.00 VALUE!! Expires 05/05/14 w/ Select Generac Generators

For a limited time beginning Monday, April 21, 2014, Generac’s standby generator packages offered by Norwall PowerSystems will include the Extended Warranty for Generac Power Systems Air-Cooled Generators, a 495-dollar value. The offer includes select standby packages from 8 to 20 kilowatts and includes “bumper-to-bumper” coverage for a five full years.

Generator packages that include the offer are the 20kW, 17kW, 14kW, and 11kW with 200-amp automatic transfer switch, and 17kW, 14kW, and 11kW with 100-amp automatic transfer switch. Also included are the 8kW and 11kW with 50-amp automatic transfer switch.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty as a Purchase Consideration

Anyone considering the purchase of a major appliance will usually factor the manufacturer’s limited consumer warranty in their decision making process. Two products that are otherwise equal in cost, features, and reputation may have different warranty periods or features, and those are an important part of the purchase.

Warranties are a good measure of product reliability. They tell the consumer that the manufacturer stands behind their product and if something goes wrong besides normal wear and tear, the manufacturer will fix it. There are usually limitations. If you crash your car into a wall, your warranty isn’t going to pay for replacing the bumper. Likewise, most product warranties don’t cover maintenance items or maintenance labor such as changing the oil or air filters.

Generac’s Limited Consumer Warranty

Generac’s limited consumer warranty on air-cooled products covers the standby generator for five years or 2000 hours—parts and labor are covered during years one and two, parts only during year three, and engine, rotor, and stator parts only during years four and five.

The standard limited warranty is limited to standby generators installed for residential use by a home that is connected to utility power. Use as a prime power generator or in a location without utility service will void the warranty. Generac air-cooled standby generators are designed to operate during a power outage to provide emergency power until the utility service is restored.

Bumper to Bumper Coverage

5-year extended warranty banner

• 5 years parts
• 5 years labor
• 5 years “Bumper to Bumper” Coverage

The extended warranty offered on Generac Power Systems standby generator packages at Norwall  includes their most popular standby systems and replaces the standard 5-year limited consumer warranty normally offered on the packages. The bumper-to-bumper protection covers all parts and labor for a full five years from date of activation.

Only the models sold as a package—6240, 6241, 6242, 6243, 6244, 6237, 6437, 6437—with automatic transfer switch are included in the offer. The sale applies only to standby packages shipped to US customers between April 21 and May 5, 2014.

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