Happy RVing!

Getting ready for vacation time. Make sure your RV is ready to go!

You check on your generator and find you need a replacement or you just purchased your RV and would like to get a generator… for one reason or another you have made the decision to purchase a new RV Generator.

Generac has been manufacturing RV Generators for over 35 years. Generac RV Generators have some great features. There is a model that fits most everyone’s needs.

Each unit has a 3 year warranty, and (this next part is fact) the warranty IS transferable if you ever sell your RV or your generator. And a reminder that Generac has one of the largest networks of servicing dealers in the industry.

The exciting news from inside the industry…Generac has enhanced oil cooling capabilities so they can handle longer run times and hotter temperatures with ease. This is great news for those who run their generators often, especially during those hot summer nights.

Happy RVing!

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