Why an Automatic Home Standby Generator Makes Sense

An automatic home standby system is a permanent addition to your home’s electrical system.  Once properly installed your home is protected, and you can have peace of mind for your family and home.

Briggs & Stratton - 20 Kw Standby Generator

Briggs & Stratton have been making superior standby generators for years.

They start automatically within moments of a power outage, and eliminate the need to haul a portable generator outside and using extension cords to connect to a manual transfer switch to restore power.  And, unlike a portable generator, it can be operated in direct weather.  Rain, snow or wind won’t affect an automatic home standby generator since they have outdoor rated weather enclosures.

Automatic home standby generators run on natural gas or LP fuel supplies – something most of you already have in use at your home. They are less expensive to run than gasoline and you don’t have to refill them. This eliminates the hassle of storing gasoline, which should be a secure place away from the home out of sunlight and only in approved containers. Gasoline has a short shelf life, the most popular ethanol fuels may only last 1-3 months. Ethanol gasoline also absorbs water, so the older the fuel, the more water it has which could do damage to your equipment.

Standby generators offer you 24/7 protection whether you’re home or away.  They automatically and immediately protect your most critical areas, sump pumps, humidifiers, heat or air conditioner, refrigerators/freezers, in addition to lights and security.  They also help keep the ambient atmosphere of your home stable, reducing the risk for mold, frozen pipes, and flooded basements.

A permanently installed Automatic Home Standby Generator is the recommendation of the American Red Cross, considered safer to use than a portable, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.  An automatic home standby generator is installed outside which will prevent the risk of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning that is more common with portable generators.

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Country Living
Comment by Jim C. on 9th Nov 2014

My Mom and Dad are both in their 80's and live in the country. With the installation of the 6551 I can rest assured that they will never be without power, heat, ac and water. this is a great unit and worked perfectly upon startup. Should have installed this a lot sooner for them.

By the way, my son-in-law also has one for his home. I live in a motorhome or I would have one also.

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