Commercial Generator Maintenance Guide

Scheduled Maintenance Kits Liquid Cooled Reference Guide

Part No. Description KW Air Filter Oil Filter Spark Plug Engine P/N
0E260200PM SM KIT 1.5L HSB MITS 059402 0A45310244 0A45310275  0A45310275
0J155600SM SM KIT 1.5L CHERY 25 & 30KW 059402 0E7080 0J15560235 0J1556
0G020700SM SM KIT 1.6L HSB CHERY W/OUTSPARK PLUGS 18,20,25,30KW 059402 0E7080 ********** 0G0207 & 0H1734
0G0207A0SM SM KIT 1.6L HSB CHERY W/SPARK PLUGS 18,20,25,30KW 059402 0E7080 0G2193 0G0207 & 0H1734
0G1780C SM KIT 1.6L HSB 059402 0E7080 0G0767A
0G04660ESV SM KIT 2.4L HSB HYUNDAI 0C8127 0A86220296 0G0767A
0G3510WSRV SM KIT 2.4L HSB MITS 0C8127 0A45310244 0G10080292
0H14140SRV SM KIT ENGINE 2.4L MITS 22,27KW 059402 0A45310244 0G10080292
0H34160SRV SM KIT 2.4L MITS 36KW ONLY 36KW TURBO 0C8127 0A45310244 084750 0H1619
0H34180SRV SM KIT 2.4L MITS 60KW ONLY 60KW TURBO 0F5418 0A45310244 084750 0H1619
0F57260ESV SM KIT 2.5L HSB 059402 0E7080 0E96180241
0E4599Q0SM SM KIT 3.0L QT W/ OUT SPARKPLUGS 30KW 0C8127 0E7080 **********
0E459900SM SM KIT 3.0L FORD 50KW 50KW 0F5418 0E7080 0F97650226
0F9765ASRV SM KIT 3.0L FORD 60KW 60KW 0F5418 0D5419 0F8286F283 0F9765A
0H497700SM SM KIT 3.0L FORD 60KW 60KW 0F5418 0D5419 0H7949 0G3674 & 0G7859
0F572700PM SM KIT 3.0L HSB 60KW 0C8127 0E7080 0E7079
0G22680ESV SM KIT 3.0L QT 60KW ONLY 60KW 0F5418 0D5419 0E7079
0F212900PM SM KIT 40KW 3.9L HSB 0F5418 0E7415 0E83360249
0E8336Q0SM SM KIT 3.9L W/ OUT SPARKPLUGS 40 & 70KW 0F5418 0E7415 ***********
0G596200PM SM KIT ENGINE 4.2L FORD 48KW 0C8127 0E7080 0G49690110 0G4969
0E259800PM SM KIT 4.3L HSB 0F5418 0A37970001 0A37970172
0A379700PM SM KIT 4.3L HSB W/ OUT SPARKPLUG 0F5418 0A37970001 **********
0H391300SM SM KIT 4.6L FORD 80KW 80KW 0F5419 0D5419 0H4787 0H3913 & 0H5742
0G15860ESV SM KIT CPL /QT 4.6L 80KW 0F5419 0D5419 0H7949 (8) 0G1274 & 0G3186
0G3526C SM KIT 5.4L QP/CPL 0F5419 0D5419 0D34540186
0F1960B00SM SM KIT CPL/QT 5.4L 55KW & 80KW 0F5419 0D5419 0F1960A173 0H5610& 0H5610A
0F390200SM SM KIT CPL/QT 5.4L 45,55,80,100KW 0F5419 0D5419 0F19600234(8) 0F3902
0D345400PM SM KIT 5.4l & 6.8L W/ OUTSPARK PLUGS 70-150KW 0F5419 0D5419 ***********
0G15870ESV SM KIT CPL/QT 6.8L 70,100,130,150KW 0F5419 0D5419 0D34540186 (10) 0D3454 , 0D3454A , 0H0923


Country Living
Comment by Jim C. on 9th Nov 2014

My Mom and Dad are both in their 80's and live in the country. With the installation of the 6551 I can rest assured that they will never be without power, heat, ac and water. this is a great unit and worked perfectly upon startup. Should have installed this a lot sooner for them.

By the way, my son-in-law also has one for his home. I live in a motorhome or I would have one also.

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