Save up to $300 on Select Cummins Power Generators

For a limited time, save up to 300 dollars off the regular Norwall PowerSystems price on select air-cooled standby generators from Cummins Power Generation. The sale includes 20-kilowatt and 13-kilowatt residential standby packages that include an automatic transfer switch. Packages without a transfer switch save 150 dollars off the regular Norwall price.

Cummins Power Generation supplies air-cooled generators that run on either LP Gas or Natural Gas. 20-kilowatt models are configured to use LP or NG during installation while 13-kilowatt models are factory set to run on LP or NG.

A 5 year, 2000 hour limited consumer/commercial warranty is included for all air-cooled standby generators.

20 Kilowatt Standby

Cummins Onan Standby Generator shown with ATS

Cummings Onan Air Cooled 20kW with ATS

20-kilowatt models eligible for 300 dollars in savings are generator packages that include either a 100 or 200 amp, service-entrance-rated automatic transfer switch. Some packages are cold weather equipped and some include installation harnesses. Others are cold weather equipped and come with installation harnesses.

RS20-C250 200-amp ATS equipped for cold weather

RS20-C2100 200-amp ATS equipped for cold weather with two 100-foot install harnesses

Eligible for 150 dollar savings are packages that only include the 20-kilowatt standby generator or the 20-kilowatt standby generator equipped for cold weather.

20GSBB-6713 20kW standby unit.

20GSBB-6714 20kW standby unit equipped for cold weather.

13 Kilowatt Standy

Cummins Onan air-cooled standby generator shown with ATS

Cummins Onan 13kW Standby with ATS

Similar 13-kilowatt standby generator packages that include a service-entrance-rated automatic transfer switch are also eligible for 300 dollars in instant savings off Norwall’s regular price. Packages that include installation harnesses or are cold weather ready (or both) also qualify for the savings.

RS13NG-C1100 200-amp ATS, cold weather equipped, two 100-foot install harnesses.

RS13LP-C1100 200-amp ATS, cold weather equipped, two 100-foot install harnesses.

Models with only the 13-kilowatt standby generator, with or without the cold weather package, qualify for 150 dollars off the regular price.

13GSBA-6711 Natural Gas cold weather equipped.

3GSBA-6721 LP Gas cold weather equipped.

Cummins Standby Generators

Standby generators are permanently installed and automatically provide a backup supply of power during a power outage. When the power goes out, the generator system instantly detects the outage and the generator starts within seconds. The Automatic Transfer Switch or ATS isolates the home from the utility lines and supplies the home with power from the standby generator.

As separate companies, both Cummins and Onan began early operations in 1918 and set a course that would eventually bring the two companies together. Nearly 100 years of history in building and manufacturing engines and electrical power generators positions Cummins Power Generation to deliver the best in modern standby generators for homes and businesses.

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