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How Our Emergency Storm Preparation Plan was Put into Action

The opportunity to test our emergency storm plan came less than two weeks ago. Tornadoes are not common in our area, but they do occur and the siren going off at 2:30 AM demanded action. Earlier, a severe thunderstorm watch … Continue reading

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Portable Generator Manual Transfer Switch Basics

Portable generators that supply a few essential devices with power are a cost effective option to keep the power flowing to refrigerators, well pumps and furnaces. Planning and preparing for a power outage requires more than just buying a generator, … Continue reading

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Standby Generators Keep the Power on in Your House

A standby generator operates automatically when the power goes out to supply your home with electrical power. Depending on the size generator installed, you may have enough power to keep some essential appliances operating, or supply full power to the … Continue reading

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The Miracle of a Generator in a Heatwave-Related Power Outage

Recent Extreme Conditions show the value of Generators in an Emergency This summer is going to be a hot one. This, of course, is an understatement, as late June has already shown us. All across the United States, people are … Continue reading

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Today: Official beginning of 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season!

June 1 marks the official start to the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which runs through Nov. 30. As proven by Alberto and Beryl, tropical storms and hurricanes can occur outside of these dates. But more than 97 percent of tropical … Continue reading

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