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Generator Engines: Naturally Aspirated vs Turbocharged

As fuel efficiency and air quality standards take center stage in nearly every engine design, manufacturers look to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Since it’s development, internal combustion engine designers have looked for ways to improve performance and boost power. … Continue reading

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Load Management for Standby Generators

Standby generators provide electrical power during an outage. When the automatic, permanently installed system detects an outage, the generator engine starts and the transfer switch moves all or part of the home’s electrical system onto generator power. At the same … Continue reading

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Installation of Two Automatic Transfer Switches for a Standby Generator

Large homes with electrical systems that compliment their size may have special requirements for the installation of a standby generator that extend beyond the unit’s power rating. Service panels, even those that accommodate the higher current ratings, only have room … Continue reading

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Transfer Switch Importance in Standby and Portable Generator Systems

An important component of any generator system for backup power to a building that relies on an electric utility for its main source of power is the transfer switch. Transfer switches fall into two main classifications: Automatic Transfer Switches and … Continue reading

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Preparing Meals During an Extended Power Outage

We live with electricity every day and don’t think about it very much. At one time it seemed almost miraculous. Now, most of us take it for granted. Then the power goes out and suddenly lights don’t go on at … Continue reading

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Use Generators Safely for Emergency Power During Winter Storm Outages

Just over two years ago, Hurricane Sandy roared up the coast and left millions in the dark. Most power outages took crews about a week to restore power. Others were left waiting and hoping and wishing for electricity for more … Continue reading

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Winter Storm Juno Bring Blizzard Warnings – Power Outages

The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings from the Maine-New Brunswick border all the way down to the New Jersey shoreline. Affected major cities include Portland, Boston, Hartford, and New York City. Snowfall accumulations may total in excess of … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Kits and Winter Maintenance for Standby Generators

The cold winter weather currently enveloping a good portion of the United States has people scurrying to purchase new car batteries and fill windshield fluid reservoirs. Cold weather in these regions is nothing new and the past week has seen … Continue reading

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Four Reasons You Need a Standby Generator for Your Home

Power outages rarely happen on a schedule. Instead, they strike without warning and each time the power goes out, people wonder when the utility will turn it on again. How long it takes to restore power is often determined by … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Home and Auto for Holiday Travel

Ahead of the 2014 Christmas Week, weather forecasters are warning of the potential for at least two storms that could impact the Lower 48. While forecasts beyond three days carry a degree of uncertainty, there’s a good chance weather will … Continue reading

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