Layaway Request Form
Fill out the form below and one of our Sales Representative’s will contact you shortly or you can call
928-453-4494 and request more information over the phone.

How Norwall PowerSystems Layaway Program Works?

  • offers a 16 week layaway program with $999.00 minimum purchase.
  • Requires a 20% down payment and a $10.00 service fee.

What are my payments?
For example if you purchase $1000.00 plus a $10.00 service fee down payment of $202.00.
Your payments are $101.00 and they are due every two weeks. Final payment is due by the end of the 16th week.

Are there any fees?

  • Yes, 16-week layaway contract requires a $10 Service Fee.

Can I cancel a layaway contract?

  • Yes In the event of cancellation, we will refund all money you have paid, less a cancellation charge of $20.00

What if I miss a layaway payment?

  • If you miss two payments consecutively your layaway will be cancelled and a full refund, less a cancellation charge of $20.00 will be refunded.

Are all items online available for layaway?

  • No, only items that are priced above $999.00 are avaible for the layaway program.

For more details please see the Layaway Information Page