Norwall Layaway Program now offers a flexible way to pay for products over time with Layaway!

Three Easy Steps

  1. Find the item you would like to purchase at
  2. Click on the Norwall PowerSystems Layaway Program banner/button.
  3. Fill out the Layaway information request form and one of our Sales Representative will contact you shortly or you may call 928-453-4494

 How Norwall PowerSystems Layaway Program Works

  1. offers a 16 week layaway program with $999.00 minimum purchase.
  2. Requires a 20% down payment and $10.00 Service Fee

 What are my Payments?

For example if you purchase $1000.00 plus a $10.00 service fee down payment of $202.00.
Your payments are $101.00 and they are due every two weeks. Final payment is due by the end of the 16th week.

Are there any fees?

  1. Yes 16-week layaway contract requires a $10 Service Fee.

Can I cancel a Layaway contract?

  1. Yes In the event of cancellation, we will refund all money you have paid, less a cancellation charge of $20.00

What if I miss a Layaway payment?

  1. If you miss two payments consecutively your layaway will be cancelled and a full refund, less a cancellation charge of $20.00 will be refunded.

Are all items online available for Layaway?

  1. No, only items that are priced above $999.00 are available for the layaway program.

Payment types

  1. Check
  2.  Wire Transfer
  3.  E-Check
  4.  Money Order

Where can I make my Payments?

Payments Can be mailed or processed Electronically.

Norwall PowerSystems 2455 Kiowa Blvd N. Suite 102 Lake Havasu City AZ 86403
Or call 928-453-4494