Starting Your Search for a Commercial Generator

Keep the power on throughout an outage, maintain your customers and gain new ones.

An outage can cause substantial losses for the company affected.  Disruption of your IT system, loss of vital data, failure of safety lighting, failure of security systems, and loss of refrigeration.  Think of all the direct and indirect losses that might not happen with a standby generator system.

Today's generators offer a choice of fuel (natural gas or propane) and are designed for longevity.  Efficient liquid cooled engines and today's advanced technology means there is a practical solution for your business.  Available in single or three phase voltages from 22kW - 150kW, these custom built generators can handle the job.

Commercial generators no longer have to rely on diesel fuel or large configurations bordering the size of a building. These new era generators are sleek and use readily available vapor fuels.

• Natural gas is a continuous, highly reliable fuel supply. Today’s gas mains with their redundant backup systems can be counted on to supply natural gas in the most common emergency situations.

• Propane can be safely stored for years with no apparent decrease in quality. It is easily transportable in small cylinders and readily available, ideal when no natural gas lines are in place.

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