Starting Your Search for a Home Standby Generator


Have you ever been stuck without electric for weeks, days or even hours?  It is not pleasant.  If you have ever been in this situation, you know how nice it would be to have immediate electricty when the utility goes out.

Standby Generators are designed for convenience, and peace of mind.

They are permanently installed to your home or business electrical system, constantly monitoring the incoming utility and will respond to a power outage immediately and automatically.   Automatic standby generators usually perform a weekly self-check so you know they are ready when needed.  This self-check will also alert you to any necessary maintenance or problem that needs attention.  Fueled by natural gas or propane they can run for extended periods of time 24/7.
No power cords, or re-fueling hazards, and they produce clean, stable usable electricity, very friendly to your most sensitive electronics. A perfect choice for home to protect your family OR business to protect your livelihood. Available from an 8kW – 150kW to back up a few select circuits to your whole house to a restaurant or convenience store.

Some newer models can even be setup so you can access them through the internet to check its status, even start it up.

You will want to purchase a transfer switch with your generator.  Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS) turns on the generator when the power goes out and handles all of your house or business power requirments making sure that the system doesn't get overloaded and then switches everything back when the electricity comes back on. 

You can buy your generator and transfer switch seperately or you can purchase them bundled together.

You will want to check to make sure that you can install a generator in your neighborhood.  Some areas have laws around the types of equipment and sound levels that can be installed.  We always suggest you talk to an electrician from your area as they will be knowledgable about these rules or with your City Hall.

Here are some bundled packages:

Generac Guardian 20kW
with 200 Amp ATS

Briggs & Stratton 18/20kW
with 200 Amp ATS for
Whole House Managed Power

Kohler 20RESL 20kW
with 200 Amp ATS


You can also purchase a standby generator and transfer switch seperately to tailor it more to your needs.  Here are some links to the generators and transfer switches.

Standby Generators

Automatic Transfer Switches


You also want to make sure to purchase a generator that will handle all devices/appliances you need to run.  Here are a couple links to wattage calculators that can help you figure out what size of generator that will be:

Briggs & Stratton Generator Sizing Tool Generac Power Systems Generator Sizing Tool


Home Standby




Starting Your Search