Starting Your Search for a Portable Generator

These generators give you electric power where none exists. Mobile electricity for work, camping, and special events. So versatile when used properly at your home with a transfer switch and power cord, a portable generator can provide the necessary back up power for your refrigerator, sump pumps, well pump, lights, TV and other small appliances. They must always be used in a safe outdoor location according to the manufactures recommendations.

Inverter Generators:
Inverter technology takes the raw power produced by the generator, passes it through an electronic microprocessor and converts it to clean and stable power safe for
electric grill, radio, outdoor lights, television, laptop.  Another big plus is these are normally very quiet, up to 38% than a traditional camping generator. Some models will run up to 4.7 hours at 50% load.  You can click this link to see the inverter models that we have available: Portable Inverter Generators

Portable Generators:
There are lots of choices that range from Industrial Electric Start Diesel Portables made for construction sites to Manual Start Gas Powered generators good for tailgating, camping and power tool use.  Some are approved for use in National Parks, some states have regulations on emissions and sound so you want to make sure before you purchase a generator that it is approved in the area you will be using it.

You can use a portable generator to power your house when the electric goes out.  It can be used to keep your refridgerator or freezer going or with a manual transfer switch you power different areas of your house with a powerful enough generator.

Here are some categories for portable generators:

Gas Powered Everything from camping, construction sites to keeping your refridgerator running.

Electric Start These have push button start or manual pull rope starting systems.

Diesel These are industrial size generators great for jobsites.

Tri Fuel These generators will run on Propane(LP), Natural Gas(NG) or gasoline.

California Compliant These generators are approved for use in California.

You also want to make sure to purchase a generator that will handle all devices/appliances you need to run.  Here are a couple links to wattage calculators that can help you figure out what size of generator that will be:

Briggs & Stratton Generator Sizing Tool Generac Power Systems Generator Sizing Tool




Home Standby




Starting Your Search