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16kW Home Generator NG/LP and 200 Amp Service Rated ATS with Symphony II Power Management by Briggs and Stratton | 40401
Briggs and Stratton

The Briggs & Stratton 16-kilowatt, standby generator keeps your home and family safe and secure during during a power outage and the included 200 amp service rated automatic transfer switch with Symphony II Power Management technology supplies and manages power to all your home appliances and is suitable for most medium-sized homes.  Requires the purchase of Symphony II Remote Modules.

Required clearances as close as 18 inches to the home and a front facing exhaust make it possible to place the generator where tight lot lines and other factors might otherwise limit installation. Fuel choices include LP gas (propane) and natural gas. The genset is UL2200 rated and meets CSA 22.2 requirements. It is EPA compliant and comes with a five year (parts, labor, travel) consumer warranty.

Fuel Choices

The generator produces 16 kilowatts of power using LP gas. At full load, consumption runs about 3.14 gallons per hour, and about .71 gallons per hour at half load. When running on natural gas, the generator is capable of 14.4 kilowatts of power and uses 163 cubic feet at half load, and 244 cubic feet at full load.

The amount of fuel consumed is dependent upon the electrical load placed on the generator, and changes as the load changes. The fuel solenoid located at the back of the unit controls the flow of gas to the engine and may be shut off in an emergency.


The 16 kilowatt generator has a 35 horsepower, 993cc Vanguard V-Twin engine made by Briggs & Stratton to turn the generating unit. This engine was engineered by Briggs & Stratton to meet stringent standards for home generator systems. A pressurized oil lubrication comparable to those used on automobile engines permit the generator to operate for extended periods without maintenance and will shut the engine down if it detects low oil pressure.

This line of generators is set to run on natural gas at the factory, but is field selectable for either LP gas or natural gas. The Vanguard engine has an electronic governor to keep engine speed at a consistent 3600 RPM and the generator output frequency at 60 hertz for the same quality of power as supplied by your electric utility.

Transfer Switch

The included 200-amp automatic transfer switch (model 71068) is a service entrance rated switch that includes the service disconnect. It installs indoors or outdoors and is typically placed between the electric utility meter and the main service panel. In this configuration, the switch controls the source of power to the main circuit breaker panel by selecting between utility power or generator power, which eliminates the need for additional subpanels and allows the generator to supply power throughout the home.

The Symphony II Power Management automatically balances the power needs of your home's electrical loads - including high wattage items like air conditioning units, electric stoves and electric dryers.

System Control Panel

The control panel has a digital display for programming the date, time and the exercise cycle and for viewing the event log.

Operation control buttons select between AUTO and OFF modes. AUTO allows the generator to start, run and shut off automatically. In AUTO mode, the MANUAL button allows the operator to start the generator and run it, and shut the generator off again, which returns the mode to AUTO.

A 15 amp automotive type fuse on the Control Panel protects the internal circuitry. Removal of the fuse will prevent the generator from starting during maintenance or when inspecting the generator.

Appearance and Noise

The 16 kilowatt standby generator has a rust-resistant, steel enclosure that stands up even in tough, coastal climates for long lasting protection against rust and deterioration. This unit is 48 inches wide, 34 inches deep, and 31 inches high. The steel base, suitable for either a gravel bed or concrete pad installation, meets National Fire Protection Association codes and standards better than similar polypropylene bases. This Briggs & Stratton standby generator produces noise at about 69dB, comparable to most residential air-conditioning units.


Backed by a 5 Year Parts, Labor and Travel warranty.  Briggs and Stratton will be delivering the most comprehensive warranty that supports their commitment to quality, durability, reliability.

Options - Sold Separately

The addition of remote power generator modules adds a managed power option which allows the generator to supply power to all your home's high-voltage, high current appliances including dryers, hot water heaters, and well pumps.  Installed directly to a home's exisitng wiring Symphony II automatically manages the distribution of power to the electrical loads, providing power where it's needed while preventing a generator overload.

Maintenance kits include everything necessary to keep your generator running and supplying power, even through extended outages with oil and air filters, filler funnel, and spark plugs. Cold weather kits add two oil warmers and a battery warmer for easier and more reliable starts in cold weather down to -25 Fahrenheit.

Add a wireless monitor and keep track of your generator from indoors and eliminate trips outside during inclement weather.

Package Includes:

- 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, Fully Automatic with Service Entrance Disconnect
- Patented Symphony II Power Management technology
- Installation Base
- Battery Charger
- Hour Meter

1 This generator is rated in accordance with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2200 (stationary engine generator assemblies) and CSA (CanadianStandards Associations) C22.2 No. 10004(motors and generators).
2 Warranty details available at
3 Fuel consumption rates are estimated based on normal operating conditions. Generator operation may be greatly affected by elevation and the cycling operation of multiple electrical appliances – fuel low rates may vary depending on these factors.
4 Review local codes to determine if a transfer switch with separate service disconnect is required.



16kW Home Generator NG/LP and 200 Amp Service Rated ATS with Symphony II Power Management by Briggs and Stratton | 40401

Briggs and Stratton Model #40401
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