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Briggs and Stratton 35kW Whole House Power Home Standby Generator 76032
Briggs and Stratton

The Briggs & Stratton 35kW liquid-cooled standby generator supplies enough power in an emergency to meet the electrical power needs of extra-large and luxury homes. This commercial-grade standby generator for whole-house power keeps all of life's necessities and luxuries up and running during a power outage. Standby generators for backup power from Briggs & Stratton provide permanent protection from outages and operate independently when combined with an automatic transfer switch.

Model 76032 generators are up in running within seconds of a power outage. If you need reliable backup electrical power to keep your home and family safe from unexpected outages, trust your peace of mind to Briggs & Stratton. Includes Briggs & Stratton's 4-year-limited warranty on parts and labor.


Reliable emergency power requires a reliable engine. The 76032 standby generator incorporates a GM Vortec 3.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine running at 1800 RPM to turn the generator unit. Running at half the speed of many standby units, the Vortec engine provides better fuel economy and quieter operation―essential for neighborhood friendly installations.

The engine uses a fully pressurized lubrication system and is continuously monitored by the generator's controller for protection against over-speed, high-temperature, or low oil pressure conditions that could damage the standby generator.

Fuel Choices

Briggs & Stratton ships their liquid-cooled standby generators to run on Natural Gas, but the units are easily configured to use LP gas (propane) during installation. Fuel consumption on the 76032 at half load is about 3.1 gallons per hour for LP Gas, and 282 cubic feet per hour for Natural Gas. Consumption is directly related to electrical load and changes continuously with the electrical demands placed on it. Higher altitudes and temperatures may also affect consumption and performance.

Backup Power

The 35 kW generator can supply up to 35,000 watts of continuous power when operating on LP Gas, and 32,000 watts on NG. Automatic engine speed regulation keeps the frequency at 60 hertz and with electronic voltage regulation, provides high-quality power compatible with sensitive electronics.

Combine the liquid-cooled standby generator with aBriggs & Stratton model 71036 automatic transfer switch (sold separately) to manage power for the entire house. The switch installs between utility company electric meter and the main service panel. When the power goes out, the switch senses the outage and signals the generator to start, then switches the house over to generator power once the unit is running. It all happens in just seconds.

Add the Briggs & Stratton Load Control Center model 71035 (sold Separately) to manage up to four priority high demand loads and two air conditioners.  The load control center manages high demands loads to run when required without overwhelming the generator.

Air Conditioning Control Modules sense and imprint the starting power requirements of your air conditioners to ensure the amount of power required is available to start the A/C units and keep your home cool and comfortable during a heat wave.


The all-metal enclosure is made from galvanneal steel for a long life of corrosion resistant service, even in extreme, coastal environments. The entire unit is about 85 inches wide, 42 inches deep and 40 inches high and sits on a concrete pad. Operation is quieter than most central air conditioners and runs about 62 db at half load.


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Briggs and Stratton 35kW Whole House Power Home Standby Generator 76032

Briggs and Stratton Model #76032
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