Cummins Onan Connect Series Accessory Annunciator HMI 113 Unit Panel Mount | Part A045J199
Cummins Power Generation

Connect Series Accessory Annunciator HMI 113 Unit Panel Mount | Part A045J199


The Universal Annunciator Module provides visual and audible indication of up to 20 separate alarm or status conditions, based on discrete (relay) inputs or network inputs.  Each LED can be controlled by either a discrete wire input or by a signal on the PCCnet network sent from an external device, such as a PCC 1301, 1302, 2300, 3300 controls.

In addition to the LEDs, the annunciator can control four custom relays based on signals received over the PCCnet.  When one of the annunciator's discrete inputs is activated, the annunciator will broadcast that information over the network.  By taking advantage of the network, discrete inputs and custom relays, the annunciator can be used as expanded I/O for a PCC 1301, 1302, 2300, 3300 controls.

This unit can be easily installed in a suitable location in order to provide prompt at-a-glance notification of an alarm or warning condition to nearby personnel.

Remote annunciator panels comply with NFPA 110 (Emergency and Standby Power Systems).  The annunciator module can also be used for monitoring of transfer switch or other equipment status.


Visual and audible warning of up to 20 separate alarm or status conditions.
LEDs can be controlled either via PCCnet or discrete input.
Status of discrete inputs are broadcast on network.
Four custom relays can be controlled over the PCCnet network.
Configurable LED color (red, yellow, or green) and selectable horn operation allows maximum flexibility.
Standard NFPA 110 label, field configurable for other alarm status and conditions.
Each audible alarm is annunciated, regardless of the number of existing alarm conditions displayed.
Sealed membrane panel design provides environmental protection for internal components and is easy to clean.
Configurable for negative (ground) input or positive input.
Integral DC Voltage Sensing.
Flush or surface mount provisions.
UL Listed and Labeled; CSA certified; CE Marked.

6.25"L x 5.25"W x 3"D

Kit Includes: Annunciator, Wiring Harness, Cable Tie and Window Splice.

Country Living
Comment by Jim C. on 9th Nov 2014

My Mom and Dad are both in their 80's and live in the country. With the installation of the 6551 I can rest assured that they will never be without power, heat, ac and water. this is a great unit and worked perfectly upon startup. Should have installed this a lot sooner for them.

By the way, my son-in-law also has one for his home. I live in a motorhome or I would have one also.

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