Cummins Onan Stainless Steel Extended Downtube QG2500 QG2800
Onan RV

Cummins Onan Stainless Steel Extended Downtube

Description: For applications that require additional vertical tailpipe clearance (7 1/2 inches).

Benefits: The exhuast tube is constructed of seamless 16 gauge corrugated stainless steel for flexibility, to reduce vibration stresses. The hangar clamps are universal mount, vibration isolated design to reduce rigid tailpipe stresses.


QG 2500 LP

QG 2800

QG 2800 EVAP

MicroLite KV



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Country Living
Comment by Jim C. on 9th Nov 2014

My Mom and Dad are both in their 80's and live in the country. With the installation of the 6551 I can rest assured that they will never be without power, heat, ac and water. this is a great unit and worked perfectly upon startup. Should have installed this a lot sooner for them.

By the way, my son-in-law also has one for his home. I live in a motorhome or I would have one also.

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