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Generac 17kW Standby Generator (Aluminum) Pre-Packaged w/200 Amp Service Rated ATS
Generac Power Systems

Generac 17kW Air Cooled Standby Generator (Aluminum) Pre-Packaged w/200 Amp Service Rated ATS

• External common fault alarm: Allows for a connection to drive a common alarm if any shutdown for your 17kw Generac generator occurs
• Wiring Error: Gives indication if the transfer switch on your 17kw Generac is connected incorrectly without allowing board damage
• Battery Sentinal: Monitors 17kw generator battery to indicate that the battery is going to fail or if it has failed
• Generator High Voltage Shutdown on this 17kw generator
• Internal Fault Shutdown: Shuts down this 17kw generator in event of controller failure
• Nexus Controller: +/- 1% voltage regulation, smart charging battery system where output voltage is dependent upon ambient temperature and only charges the system when needed
• External Mainline Circuit Breaker: Allows power shutdown without having to open or unlock the enclosure of this 17kw generator
• Digital NEXUS Controller, Two-line LCD Tri-lingual
• Simple Field conversion form natural gas to LP in this 17kw Generac generator
• Premium All-Weather Aluminum Enclosure for superior protection against the elements, modeled to withstand 150 mph winds
• Product Activation: Requires each 17kw Generac generator to be activated via website or phone before automatic function is enabled for warranty activation start point

200 Amp Service Rated Nexus Smart Switch with Digital Load Management Technology Nema 3R Rated, Flexible Fuel Line Connector, Composite Mounting Pad


Generac 17kW Standby Generator (Aluminum) Pre-Packaged w/200 Amp Service Rated ATS

Generac Power Systems Model #6053
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