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Generac 7kW Air Cooled Standby CorePower System Package

Generac Power Systems Generac Power Systems
Model#: 5837
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This product is no longer available for purchase.
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Generac Power Systems 5865 Details and Specifications

Generac 7kW Air Cooled Standby CorePower System Package

Generac's NEW 7kW CorePower System standby generator is a complete generator and transfer switch system. It makes choosing an automatic generator over a portable the obvious choice to manage power outages. The compact design is engineered for easy maintenance and serviceability, and is ideal when space is at premium.

Prepackaged system - 7 kW standby generator is prepackaged with a 50 Amp transfer switch with eight circuit load center including breakers - does not include wiring
Generac OHV engine is designed for reliability and long life
At least 10 dB(A) quieter than competitive units and significantly quieter than a standard portable generator
Easy installation and maintenance – sides are quickly removed without tools for easy accessibility during initial installation and ongoing maintenance.Digital controller with LED light status and fault indicators
All-weather composite enclosure withstands the harshest environments, including coastal areas
Lightweight and compact – lighter than comparable units so placement is easier and compact footprint fits in tight spaces

• Digital LED Controller
• Automatic Transfer Switch with Built-In Priority Load Center
• Composite All Weather Enclosure
• External Main Circuit Breaker
• Flexible Fuel Line Connector
• Composite Mounting Pad
• Natural Gas or LP Gas Operation
• UL 2200 Listed

Warranty Information

Consumer Warranty: 2 Years

Product Specifications

Model Number 5837
Manufacturer Generac Power System
Made In USA Yes
Rated Watts 7kW
Rated Amps 29.2LP/25NG
Voltage 120/240V Single Phase
A/C Ton Rating 1 Ton
Enclosure All Weather Polymer
UL Listed Yes
Decibel Rating 67 db(A)
Starting System Automatic
Low Oil Alert Yes
Hour Meter No
Voltage Meter Yes
Battery Requirement Group 26R, 12 Volts, and 350 CCA
Mounting Pad Composite (Included)
Product Weight 250 lbs.
Dimensions (Inches) 24.4L x 30.2W x 33H
Engine Brand Generac
Engine Size 432cc
Engine RPM 3600 RPM
Cast Iron Sleeve Yes
Cooling System Air Cooled
Alternator Type Brushed
Frequency 60Hz
Auto Voltage Regulation Yes
Fuel Type LP/NG
NG Power Capacity 6kW
LP Power Capacity 7kW
NG Consumption @ Full Load 146 cu.ft/hr
NG Consumption @ 1/2 Load 83 cu.ft/hr
LP Consumption @ Full Load 1.31 gal/hr
LP Consumption @ 1/2 Load 1.02 gal/hr
Transfer Switch
Transfer Switch Model Nema 1, Indoor Rated
Transfer Switch Amps 50 Amps
Transfer Switch Circuits 8 Pre-Wired Circuits
5-15A 120V
1-20A 120V
1-30A 240V
ATS Poles 2 Pole
Warranty Information
Consumer Warranty 2 Years Limited
Shipping Weight 331 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 35H x 28W x 45D
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Product Reviews

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  1. Very Nice Unit

    Posted by Vivian Zinszer on 20th Aug 2014

    Purchased the unit in April 2014. Came on time, the unit is very nice, easy to get to on three sides. Starts up each week. Very nice size. Very satisfied with the unit.

  2. Great Price -- Great Quality

    Posted by Rudy in Austin on 18th Aug 2013

    Everything I wanted at a great price. Seems to be quieter after break-in period.

    FYI: Get the most generator you can afford, as the installation cost is the same for a small or a large generator.


    Posted by MIKE BALA on 11th Aug 2013

    Got this unit at the beginning of 2012. Perfect size for my needs. Nice resin design with easy access to the unit from the top. Installed with a friend in less than 2 days. Only had to come on 1 time due to a power loss. Norwall had the best price. Only issue was the wait since I ordered after a major Nor'easter in October 2011. Thanks Norwall!

  4. Quality product

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2013

    The Generac 7kw I purchased was a pleasant surprise. The installation was simple with the very user friendly transfer switch. Directions are clear a and the wiring is easily identified. This unit is an inexpensive alternative to portable generators. One thirty amp double pole will run my Central A/C and six additional circuits will make for a very comfortable home the next time the power goes out.

  5. Many years of reliability

    Posted by John F on 10th Nov 2012

    I have had the 7KW Generac/automatic transfer switch at my home for over 6 years. Has worked flawlessly whenever needed, including several 3 day(+) power outages, where it ran 24/7 with good quality power (118-123 VAC; 60 - 63Hz). I installed and have maintained this unit myself; they have a great diagnostic manual available on-line. It is laid out in a logical manner and is easy to work on.

  6. Gamechanger

    Posted by Vic of the Poconos on 19th Sep 2012

    Not everything at once! Water Heater & Well Pump uses ALL avail. power. After shower & dishes etc. turn OFF switches for those two & on for everything else & It's great. No more worries. Instll'd aft Irene 8/11. Yestrday 1 yr. later, 20 hrs. on Generator... On within a minute, TV, lites,coffee etc...Like commercial sez, " no power ? x'cuse me for not noticing" Wow, Get one, You'll thank me er Generac

  7. Great Value

    Posted by Joe on 27th Jul 2012

    We installed this unit over the past winter and it was never pressed into service until this month. With the significant storms that went through Chicago back on July 1st, our whole community was hit very hard. The unit took over and basically ran 5 days until our power was restored. The transfer switch has worked great and the generator ran fine. Per the manual, I did check the oil every day to ensure all was good. Although we could not run the AC unit, we had everything else we needed.

    This was a life saver with the 95+ degree weather. We even added a small AC unit to our bedroom to keep us cool.

    We did find the exhaust air is quite warm and plants near by the unit will dry out but no big deal considering we had lights, TV, working freezer, etc during our outage. This was a great investment.

  8. Great Value

    Posted by Steve M on 18th Jul 2012

    Best value on the market after doing a lot of research. Only problem was with UPS who said they would deliver it on a certain day; waited all day, never showed. After calling them, they said they needed a truck with a lift-gait (big surprise) and it was tied up until a week later. So, it sat in their warehouse for a week.

  9. 7 Kw Unit

    Posted by Pete...Clay, Al on 3rd Mar 2012

    Just got it installed today. The installer flipped the main breaker in my circuit panel shutting down the power and we counted down and in 30 seconds my entire house came alive!!! No more being away and worrying about loosing power, my sump pump not coming and comig home to flooded basement.

  10. Ideal for it's application, priced right

    Posted by Charles. on 3rd Jan 2012

    Just like the advertising, priced to be competitive to portable generators that require you find and keep gas then fill every 6 hours.
    Came in 3-4 weeks as promised even though it was ordered during a power outage.
    Install at least 5 feet from building and other combustibles to make inspector happy.

    Did all the electrical myself (moderate trades abilities), but had the natural gas hookup by a plumber. Too much danger in opening a gas line, and local suppliers do not sell flexible gas pipe to homeowners, only to the trades. Total for both about $1000.
    Works fine, tested as instructions indicated. Power will never go out again, now that it is installed.
    Power most of house: 2 furnaces, stove (gas), sump pump, lighting, fireplace fan, refrigerator, freezer, garage door openers, roof windows (low voltage) and smoke detector circuit. Still have 3 circuits open!!
    My electrician supplier says it should be able to handle entire house if not all items on at once!!
    Would like to test only monthly, but Generac claims if I try to alter the testing pattern, (weekly) it would void the warranty. Won't do that!!
    Great product, priced right. Thank you.

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