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Generac Guardian 14kW Standby Generator Pre Packaged with 100 Amp 14 Circuit ATS 6240
Generac Power Systems

The 6240 standby generator package from Generac includes a 100 amp Load Center with automatic transfer switch. The automatic system keeps your home supplied with up to 14,000 watts of power during outages―even if you are not home―to help keep your family and property safe by keeping important and essential circuits running. The package includes a 5-year, limited consumer warranty.

Fuel Choices

Generac's 6240 generator will produce up to 14kW of power on either LP gas or natural gas, and conversion between fuels is an easy step performed during installation. The units are factory set for natural gas. The rate of fuel consumption is directly related to the electrical demand placed on the generator and changes continuously. Hourly LP gas consumption at half load is about 1.9 gallons while natural gas consumption runs about 177 cubic feet.  Required fuel pressure to generator fuel inlet at all load ranges 3.5" - 7" water column for natural gas or 10" - 12" water column for LP gas.


Generac designed the 992cc overhead valve industrial engine specifically to meet the tough demands standby generators place on an engine. They incorporated a fully pressurized lubrication system, Spiny-Loc cylinder wall construction for extra rigidity, and plateau honed cylinder walls with plasma moly rings for a long life, reduced oil consumption, and an extended 2 year/200 hour maintenance interval―crucial for operation during extended outages. The engine has oil and temperature sensors that allow the engine to shut down if low oil levels or high temperatures would damage the unit.

Evolution Controls

At the heart of any standby generator is a control unit, and the 6240 uses Generac's state of the art Evolution Controller. It constantly monitors utility power and detects outages immediately. After a 10 second delay (dealer programmable from 2 to 1500 seconds) it starts the generator and signals the automatic transfer switch to supply emergency power from the generator. When power is restored, the house is put back on utility power and the engine runs for about one minute to cool down.

Other features include a programmable exercise cycle, programmable maintenance alerts, status display, smart battery charging and advanced fault reporting. The color coded membrane keypad with LCD display and brighter LED indicators make using and programming the controller easier than ever before.

During generator operation, the Evolution ensures utility-quality power by regulating generator voltage and keeping engine speed constant.

With the addition of the optional Mobile Link messaging system, you can receive alerts and status updates on your cellular phone via text messages. Mobile Link also has an online dashboard accessible through a website from tablets, laptops, and smart phones―from inside your home or anyplace that has internet service. View generator status, schedule maintenance, or program exercise periods.

Wireless monitor options allow you to view generator status from inside the comfort of your home. The basic model uses LEDs to indicate generator status, while the advanced model includes an LCD display to view status updates or program maintenance schedules and exercise cycles.

Automatic Transfer Switch

The 100 amp automatic transfer switch and load center has 14 breaker positions and is prewired for 12 circuits (240 volt circuits use two positions each). During normal operation, it supplies the load-center circuit breakers with utility power from the main breaker panel and switches automatically to backup generator power during an outage. The transfer switch includes two conduits and wiring; one for connection to the main panel and the other for connection to the generator.

Generator Unit

The power generating unit is a revolving field design with skewed stators for exceptional power quality with low electronic noise that is suitable for powering sensitive electronics. This efficient, brushless design allows better voltage control, even when under heavy loads or supplying high surge currents for starting large electric motors.

Appearance and Noise

The 6240 was designed to fit into residential neighborhoods with a low, 66db noise level and steel enclosure that measures 48 inches wide, 29 inches deep, and 25 inches high. The powder-coat paint keeps the unit looking good for years to come. The generator can sit on either a bed of gravel or concrete slab, depending on local ordinances and practices.


Generac Guardian 14kW Standby Generator Pre Packaged with 100 Amp 14 Circuit ATS 6240

Generac Power Systems Model #6240
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