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Generac Guardian 17kW Automatic Home Standby Generator Aluminum 6249
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When a power outage hits, the Generac 6249 standby generator provides up to 17kW of power to keep your home's essential and critical circuits supplied with electricity. Working together with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately) the generator automatically starts and your home is switched onto emergency backup power, even when you are not home. The generator keeps sump pumps running, refrigerators and freezers stay cold and the air conditioner and furnace will still keep your home comfortable. Generac Guardian Generators have a limited 5-year consumer warranty for residential applications.

Fuel Choices

Generac Power Systems manufactures their standby generators to operate on either LP Gas (propane) or on Natural Gas. The units are configured at the factor for natural gas, but are easily and quickly converted to LP gas during installation. While operating on LP gas, up to 17kW of power is generated and at half load the engine will use about 1.6 gallons of LP gas per hour. Using NG, maximum output is 16kW and the unit consumes 183 cubic feet per hour at half load. Generator fuel consumption is directly related to the electrical load and increases or decreases as the load changes.  Required fuel pressure to generator fuel inlet at all load ranges 3.5" - 7" water column for natural gas or 10" - 12" water column for LP gas.


Generac's own 992cc V-twin overhead valve industrial engine is the generator's power plant and was specifically designed for the demands and loads placed on a standby generator. They feature fully pressurized lubrication systems with automatic shutdown for low oil pressure or high engine temperature. Reliable engine starting and running with solid state ignition plus a 200-hour oil-change interval keep the generator operating through extended outages.

Engineering includes plateau-honed cylinder walls with extra-rigid 'Spiny-Loc' construction and plasma moly rings―features that extend engine life and reduce oil consumption.

Evolution Controls

Generac's Evolution Controller is the heart of the standby generator system. It monitors and controls all aspects of operation from sensing a power outage and starting the generator (10-second-start delay is dealer-programmable from 2 to 1500 seconds), to instructing the automatic transfer switch to return the house to utility power and shutting down the generator after a cool-down period once power is restored.

During operation, the controller maintains the engine speed for a clean, 60-hertz AC signal and ± 1 percent voltage regulation for utility quality power that meets or exceeds utility company specifications. Generator sensors and functions are continuously monitored with status and fault messages shown on the LCD display.

The Evolution Controller allows operator programming for exercise periods, maintenance alerts, fault detection, and status and fault reporting. The built-in smart battery charger maintains the battery and alerts the owner of failing or marginal batteries―before the battery expires.

Mobile Link is an optional controller accessory that provides status updates via text message to cellular phones, and allows access to the controller via a web-based dashboard from tablets, smart phones, or computers, anywhere there is an internet connection. Schedule maintenance, view status, or program exercise periods―all from the comfort of your home or from across the country.

Optional Wireless Monitors bring generator status inside your home. The basic model allows viewing generator status via LEDs, while the advanced wireless monitor includes the LCD display for testing the generator, viewing maintenance alerts, programming exercise periods, and much more.

Generator Unit

Brushless design gives the generating unit a long life and reduced noise output. The rotating magnetic field and skewed stators help provide a clean, steady AC current signal, even under heavy load and rapidly changing load conditions while giving it the ability to support high-current-demand appliances such as central air conditioners and well pumps without sacrificing power quality. The high reserve-current capacity allows the generator to start heavy-duty electric motors, even when the generator is operating at the upper end of it's continuous load capacity.

Appearance and Noise

The epoxy painted and textured aluminum enclosure protects the unit from weather, and won't rust or corrode, even in the harsh salt air of coastal climates. It encloses the entire unit, including the muffler, to keep the weather out and the noise to a quiet 66db―less than many central air conditioning units. The 6249 is compact and attractive, just 48 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 29 inches high. Lockable access ports for maintenance and operation.

17kW Generac Guardian Generator 6249 inlcudes flexible fuel line connector and composite mounting pad.  Automatic transfer switch is sold separately.


Generac Guardian 17kW Automatic Home Standby Generator Aluminum 6249

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