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Generac Guardian 17kW Automatic Home Standby Generator Steel 6248
Generac Power Systems

The 6248 17kW standby generator from Generac Power Systems pairs with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately) to provide automatic protection from power outages. It installs permanently to start and run without homeowner assistance whenever an outage occurs and can supply an entire home or selected circuits with power, depending on the installed transfer switch. Generac guarantees the 6248 with a limited 5-year consumer warranty.

Fuel Choices

Generac Guardian generators run on either LP (propane) or natural gas and are shipped for connection to natural gas. Switching between natural and LP gas is accomplished by turning the fuel selection knob. The 6248 produces up to 16 kilowatts operating on natural gas, and will use about 183 cubic feet per hour at half load. LP gas provides up to 17 kilowatts of power and consumption at half load is about 1.6 gallons per hour. Fuel consumption varies with the electrical load and changes whenever the electrical load changes.  Required fuel pressure to generator fuel inlet at all load ranges 3.5" - 7" water column for natural gas or 10" - 12" water column for LP gas.


Generac is the only manufacturer to design their engines specifically for use in a standby generator. The 992cc V-twin engine has 'Spiny-Lok', cylinder construction for rigidity and with plateau-honed cylinder walls and moly plasma rings to reduce wear and oil consumption.

The engine lubrication system is fully pressurized and low-oil and high-temperature sensors allow engine shutdown to prevent damage. Solid-state ignition provides reliable starts and operation, while the 2-year / 200-hour maintenance schedule helps keeps the generator running even during extended power outages.

Evolution Controls

Generac Guardian Generators feature the Evolution Controller, a state-of-the-art controller that handles the standby generator operation and manages the automatic transfer switch. It instantly senses a power outage and after a delay (10 seconds, dealer programmable from 2 to 1500 seconds) it starts the unit and signals the transfer switch to connect the generator to the home's electrical system. When power is restores, the home is switched back to utility power and the generator shuts off after a cool-down period.

The Evolution is responsible for keeping engine speed at 3600 RPM and regulating the voltage output, essential for a steady 60-hertz frequency and utility-quality power. It monitors engine and generator sensors and shuts the generator down if necessary to prevent damage. Reports and status messages are viewable on the two-line display.

A smart battery charger is included in the controller for maintaining optimal battery levels and monitoring battery condition. Failing batteries are detected and the homeowner notified, allowing replacement before they expire.

Mobile Link, available separately, is an advanced system that allows remote monitoring and control via an online dashboard accessed over the internet by a computer, smart phone or tablet to view alerts, reports, schedule maintenance, or program controller functions. Mobile link also sends status alerts to your cellular phone. Program or monitor the generator from inside your home or from across the country.

Install a basic wireless monitor to view generator status inside your home. Advanced wireless monitors bring the LCD controller inside to view reports, program exercise periods, or view status alerts.

Generator Unit

The power generating unit utilizes a revolving magnetic field and stationary armature with skewed stators for efficient power production. The brushless design eliminates noise and improves fuel efficiency, while producing clean power that equals or exceeds utility company standards with frequency and voltage regulation that keeps fluctuations within ± 1 percent, even under heavy continuous loads or while starting motors.

Appearance and Noise

At just 48 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 29 inches high, the 6248's compact design and 66db noise level (comparable to central AC units) make the generator suitable for any urban neighborhood. The corrosion-resistant, galvaaneal-steel enclosure is powder coat painted to resist rust, even in harsh salt-air climates. Locking lids allow access for maintenance and operation and prevent tampering.


Generac Guardian 17kW Automatic Home Standby Generator Steel 6248

Generac Power Systems Model #6248
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