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Model # 6242
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Generac Guardian 17kW Standby Generator Pre Packaged with 100 Amp 16 Circuit ATS 6242

  • True Power Electrical Technology
  • Two Line LCD Multi-Lingual Digital Evolution Controller
  • Includes 100 Amp Pre-Wired 16 Circuit ATS
  • Electronic Governor
  • External Main Circuit Breaker, System Status & Maintenance Interval LED Indicators
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure
  • Flexible Fuel Line Connector
  • Composite Mounting Pad
  • Natural Gas or LP Gas Operation
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • UL 2200 Listed

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Details and Specifications

Generac pairs their 17 kilowatt standby generator with a 16-circuit automatic transfer switch for a complete package that provides automatic backup electrical power during an outage. The 6242 backup generator package installs permanently to provide around-the-clock protection against power outages―even when the homeowner is away―keeping critical circuits supplied with electricity. Generac provides a 5 year limited consumer warranty on all their Guardian Standby Generators.

Fuel Choices

The 6242 offers the flexibility of running on either LP gas (propane) or natural gas. Generac factory configures their standby generators for natural gas, but conversion to LP is fast and easy during installation. A full 17 kilowatts are available using LP fuel, and 16 kilowatts using natural gas. At half load, the engine consumes 183 cubic feet of natural gas or 1.6 gallons of LP gas per hour. Electrical loads directly affect fuel consumption. As the load increases or decreases, fuel consumption changes accordingly.  Required fuel pressure to generator fuel inlet at all load ranges 3.5" - 7" water column for natural gas or 10" - 12" water column for LP gas.


Generac uses their own engines which were specifically designed to meet the demands of a standby generator. The 992cc overhead valve industrial engine is built with plateau-honed 'Spiny-Loc' cylinders and moly plasma rings for reduced wear and oil consumption. Solid-state ignition, a fully pressurized oil lubrication system, and a 200 hour maintenance interval for oil changes keep the 6242 ready for any outage lasting a few hours, a few days, or even a week or more. Low oil and high temperature shutdown protect the engine against damage.

Evolution Controls

Generac's Evolution Controller handles all generator functions and controls the operation of the automatic transfer switch. It continuously monitors utility power and senses an outage immediately. After a 10 second delay (dealer programmable from 2-1500 seconds) it starts the generator and instructs the transfer switch to disconnect the utility lines and supply the home with generator power. When utility power is restored, it disconnects the generator runs the engine in a cool-down cycle, then shuts it down.

The controller monitors operation and constantly regulates voltage and frequency to provide electrical power equal to that supplied by the utility. The Evolution display provides status updates, fault reports, and maintenance requirements.

A smart battery charger keeps the units battery at full charge and detects deteriorating batteries to notify the owner before they fail and will no longer start the engine.

Optional controller features include Mobile Link, an advanced monitoring system that keeps you in touch from inside your home or anywhere there is a web connection. It provides a web-based dashboard to access to controller functions to allow programming exercise periods, scheduling maintenance, and viewing status messages or fault reports using your tablet, computer, or smart phone. It also sends status updates to your cellular phone via text message.

Use an optional wireless monitor to see generator status from the comfort and convenience of your home, or upgrade to the advanced model and view status messages, reports, schedule exercise periods or test the generator. All without going outside.

Automatic Transfer Switch

The automatic transfer switch is a 100-amp, 16 circuit load center that connects to a circuit breaker in the main service panel. In a typical installation, it supplies power to the circuits in the load center from the main panel during normal operation, and from the generator during a power outage.

Generator Unit

The generator in the 6242 is a brushless, rotating field generator with skewed stators for superior voltage and frequency control (1 percent frequency and voltage variance) under heavy and continuously changing load conditions. The fast response to changing conditions ensures utility-quality power suitable for today's sensitive electronics and large, power-hungry appliances. The brushless design helps eliminate noise, improves engine fuel economy, and reduces wear.

Appearance and Noise

The generator unit is neighborhood friendly with a eye-pleasing enclosure designed to fit into any urban setting. The galvaaneal steel cabinet is powder coated for years of corrosion-free service in harsh climates. A fully enclosed muffler keeps sound levels at 66db, comparable to many air conditioning units. The compact design is 48 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 29 inches high. Locking doors allow access for maintenance and operation and discourage tampering.

Warranty Information

Manufactures Limited Warranty: 5 Years

Product Specifications

Model Number 6242
Manufacturer Generac Power Systems
Made In USA Yes
Rated Watts 17/16kW
Rated Amps 70.8 LP/66.6 NG
Voltage 120/240V Single Phase
A/C Ton Rating 5 Ton
Enclosure Steel
UL Listed Yes
Decibel Rating 66 db(A)
Starting System Automatic
Low Oil Alert Yes
Mainline Breaker 65 Amps
Hour Meter Yes
Battery Requirement Group 26R, 12V, 525 CCA
Mounting Pad Composite Base Attached
Product Weight 471 lbs.
Dimensions (Inches) 48L x 25W x 29H
Engine Brand Generac OHVI V-Twin
Engine Size 992 cc
Engine RPM 3600
Cast Iron Sleeve Yes
Cooling System Air Cooled
Alternator Type Brushed
Frequency 60 Hz
Auto Voltage Regulation Yes
Fuel Type LP/NG
NG Power Capacity 16kW
LP Power Capacity 17kW
NG Consumption @ Full Load 312 cu.ft/hr
NG Consumption @ 1/2 Load 193 cu.ft/hr
LP Consumption @ Full Load 3.5 gal/hr
LP Consumption @ 1/2 Load 1.9 gal/hr
Transfer Switch
Transfer Switch Model RTG16EZA1
Transfer Switch Amps 100 Amps - Nema 1 Indoor Rated
Transfer Switch Circuits 16 Pre Wired Circuits
1-50 Amp 240V
1-40 Amp 240V
1-20 Amp 240V
5-20 Amp 120V
5-15 Amp 120V
ATS Poles 2
Warranty Information
Consumer Warranty 5 Year Limited
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