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Generac LP5500 Propane Portable Generator | 6001
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Generac LP Series 5500 Watt Propane Portable

Generac’s new LP5500 portable generator also allows the LP fuel tank to ride within the chassis itself. The generator can accommodate either a 20 or 30 lb. tank (not included with the unit). What makes the LP5500 truly innovative, however, is its revolutionary and unprecedented PowerDial™ that integrates all of the starting and operating controls into a single easy-to-use mechanism.

Located atop the LP5500, the PowerDial has three positions—one to prime the engine, one to run the generator, and one to stop the unit. Instructions for each step are clearly illustrated with user-friendly icons.

Ease of use is also addressed in the stylish enclosure that protects the generator from dirt and debris. This enclosure can be easily removed when users need to perform routine maintenance. The generator’s dolly-style handle and low grab bar also makes the LP5500 especially easy to move, handle folds down for compact storage.

Liquid propane fuel offers many advantages over gasoline in portable generator applications. It is readily available, even during widespread power outages when gasoline stations might be inoperative. LP fuel can also be stored indefinitely without deterioration.

50 State Compliant, Exception: Not for sale to City of Los Angeles.

Additional features of the LP5500 portable generator include:

    4.75 hour run time with a 20-lb. tank (not included with the unit)
    Hardened-steel tube cradle for durability and strength
    Low-oil shutdown to safeguard the engine from damage
    Circuit breakers for overload protection
    Digital hour meter to more effectively track generator use and schedule maintenance
    Covered outlets for added protection from the environment


Generac LP5500 Propane Portable Generator | 6001

Generac Power Systems Model #6001
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