Generac Quietpact 45G 4.5kW Gasoline RV Generator


Generac Quietpact 45G 4.5kW Gasoline RV Generator.

GENERAC'S OHVI ENGINE is designed specifically for generators. Outperforms competitive generator engines with an engine life that is three to four times longer and has a significantly longer period between scheduled maintenance checkups.

ONE-TOUCH START allows the generator to automatically prime itself and start up. If required, the generator will repeat the starting sequence automatically until the unit starts.

ON BOARD DIAGNOSTICS AND INDICATOR self-diagnosing technology allows the generator to indicate a potential problem through a series of blinks shown on an LED located on the generator start/stop switch or in the associated remote start/stop harness.

ELECTRONIC GOVERNOR CONTROL maintains a constant engine speed of 60 Hertz to eliminate surging.

Durable all steel enclosure reduces sound levels. Enhanced serviceability, easy access to all maintenance items.

RVIA, EPA and CARB emissions compliant.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS include Class A and C motorhomes with single or dual air conditioning, fifth wheels, travel trailers, sport utility trailers, horse trailers and industrial vehicles.


Generac Quietpact 45G 4.5kW Gasoline RV Generator

Model #5857
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