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Kohler 20RESAL-SA2 20kW Air Cooled Standby Generator w/200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Kohler Power Systems Kohler Power Systems
Model#: 20RESAL-SA2
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Details and Specifications

The Kohler Power Systems model 20RESAL-SA2 is a 20 kilowatt, air-cooled standby generator that provides electrical power to your home in the event of a power outage. Norwall Power Systems sells the 20RESAL-SA2 in a package with Kohler's RXT 200 automatic transfer switch to provide your home with emergency electrical power whenever utility power is interrupted. It meets emission specifications set forth by the EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and can operate on either LP gas or natural gas. The standby generator starts and runs automatically during an outage without intervention to keep your home supplied with power, even if you are not home.

Fuel choices

The 20RESAL-SA2 will run on either LP gas (propane) or natural gas and the conversion is made in the field at the time of installation. LP gas offers a higher power capability of up to 20 kilowatts versus 18 kilowatts for natural gas. At maximum load, the generator consumes 3.7 gallons of LP gas or 281 cubic feet of natural gas every hour. At half load, consumption is reduced to 2.2 gallons of LP gas or 161 cubic feet of natural gas. Fuel consumption is dependent on the load, and as the load varies from minute to minute, so does the amount of fuel that is used.


Kohler's Command Pro CH1000 air-cooled engine with hydraulic lifters powers the generator. The 999 cc V-Twin attains a maximum of 32 horsepower, easily turning the generating unit at 3600 rpm under maximum load conditions. This engine uses a fully pressurized oil lubrication system that holds three quarts of oil and includes an integrated oil cooling unit, both features that offer extended, unattended run times. The maintenance schedule for oil and oil filter changes is 150 hours of run time or annually, and air filters and sparks plugs is 300 hours or annually.

Transfer Switch

The RXT 200 amp transfer switch works directly with the DC2 controller on board the generator. The transfer switch continuously monitors the utility line for electrical current and provides the data to the controller. When utility power is interrupted or falls below acceptable levels, a short delay before engine start prevents the generator from starting during a momentary outage. The generator engine starts, reaches operating speed, and the transfer switch moves the home's power source to the generator. After utility power is restored, the home is moved back onto utility power, the generator goes through an engine cool-down cycle, and then shuts down. The RXT-JFNC-0200A transfer switch is not rated for use as a service entrance and installation requires a separate service disconnect.


The DC2 controller works with the included transfer switch to automatically provide power during an outage. It includes a four button operator interface with an LCD display and LED indicators. The display provides a scrolling system status that includes eight functions that include generator status, voltage and frequency, and maintenance reminders. More than seventy diagnostic messages for the engine, alternator, transfer switch, load control module and programmable interface module are available on the display. The included Ethernet port allows use of Kohler's On Cue software for monitoring and controlling the generator.

Appearance and Noise

The 20RESAL-SA2 has a polymer enclosure that dampens sound and won't rust or corrode, even in harsh environments. The unit is 48 inches wide, 26 inches wide and 29 inches high. The top of the enclosure is a hinged, lockable cover for easy access to the controller. Under the lockable cover is a second lid that lifts for access to the oil dipstick and filler, oil filter and other generator parts. The 69 dB sound rating compares to the amount of noise made by many central air conditioning units.

Package Includes:
RXT-JFNC-0200A, Non-Service Rated 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch, Nema 3R Aluminum Enclosure (Outdoor/Indoor rated).
Flexible Fuel Line Connector

* Check the appliance manufacturer’s specifications for actual power requirements. Consult a Kohler Power Systems professional to calculate your exact residential power system requirements.

IMPORTANT:  Warranty Coverage - Stationary standby applications used as a backup to a commercial utility source: Five (5) years or 2000 hours (whichever occurs first) from  date of shipment from  the factory or registered startup date.  Start up service is not included, your local Kohler Dealer can quote the price for start up. 

Product Specifications

Model Number 20RESA-SA2
Manufacturer Kohler Power Systems
Made In USA Yes
Rated Watts 20kW LP/18kW NG
Rated Amps 83 LP/75 NG
Voltage 120/240V Single Phase
A/C Ton Rating 5 Ton
Enclosure Corrosion Proof Polymer
UL Listed Yes
Decibel Rating 69 dBA
Starting System Automatic
Low Oil Alert Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
Hour Meter Yes
Battery Requirement Requires 12V Group 51 500 CCA
Mounting Pad Included
Shipping Weight 580 lbs.
Dimensions (Inches) 48L x 26.2W x 29H
Engine Brand Kohler CH1000
Engine Size 999 cc
Engine RPM 3600
Cooling System Air Cooled
Frequency 60 Hz
Auto Voltage Regulation Yes
Fuel Type Natural Gas/LP (Propane)
NG Power Capacity 18kW
LP Power Capacity 20kW
NG Consumption @ Full Load 281 cu.ft/hr
NG Consumption @ 1/2 Load 161 cu.ft/hr
LP Consumption @ Full Load 3.7 gal/hr
LP Consumption @ 1/2 Load 2.2 gal/hr
Transfer Switch
Transfer Switch Model RXT Nema 3R (Outdoor Rated)
Transfer Switch Amps 200
Warranty Information
Consumer Warranty 5 Year/2000 Hr Limited
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Product Reviews

  1. Awesome generator

    Posted by Fred Lang. Lang Construction on 4th Jun 2013

    My generator transaction was good. My customer is very happy with their new generator. Lots of power. Limited noise.

  2. No more home alone trouble

    Posted by Kati K. on 8th Mar 2013

    Sandy left us without power for almost a week and during that time period the men of the house was traveling. I wanted to have a generator after that hard week alone, and now we have one. No problem with ordering and receiving. One thing was not perfect with the unit; the closing latch was missing and we only noticed it after installation. There was no need to use it yet, but this is perfectly fine with me, its there when we need it.

  3. Bring on the blizzards!

    Posted by PGF on 17th Feb 2013

    The power went out early Friday evening and didn't return until Monday evening. Except for the blinking of a few clocks we never would have known. Temperature was down to 11° and we were warm and comfortable. Frozen pipes are no longer a major concern.
    I was worried how long the fuel would last. After three days of constant use the gauge had dropped from 80% to 70%. At that rate we probably had another weeks or more of fuel.

  4. Great!

    Posted by Cliff on 21st Jan 2013

    We are so happy that our customers are enjoying the new unit. Thanks so much!

  5. Load Shedding

    Posted by Kohler engine fan on 27th Oct 2012

    Koher makes a load control module for shedding a limited number of circuits. Kolher makes good stuff. If serviced and maintained correctly, the engines have considerable longevity.

  6. The best product & the best customer service. what a combo! Thank you!!!

    Posted by Phillip S on 24th Aug 2012

    This review affords us the chance to thank the terrific customer service staff at Norwall while commenting on the great product they sell. We just recently purchased our standby generator and have it now installed and programmed to it's exercise cycle . It is running once a week like clockwork and so quietly we are pleasantly surprised. The unit it so well put together and even good to look at as well and has so many pluses. Like the On Cue programming. So while we are away we can check on it's status and relax knowing that it is keeping our home safe and sound. Thank you Norwall for your wonderful product and the BEST Staff around. We have recommended you and your Kohler to a few of our friends and relatives. You provide the best service and very fair pricing for the best products.

  7. Power outage, what power outage.

    Posted by David DeBar on 24th Feb 2012

    I had my unit installed over a year ago. I few weeks ago a neighbor remarked, "that was a long power outage we had yesterday!" I replied, "I did not know we had a power outage." When I returned home I noticed some clocks were blinking and had to be reset.

    I have two refrigerators and an upright freezer in my house. I do not have a fireplace, don't need one. I'm about to leave for a vacation on a cruse ship. I'm glad I bought a whole-house generator system. It provides a lot of peace of mind.

  8. 14&20kw generators

    Posted by g.e.c. on 18th Feb 2012

    One of the nicest well-built and operating piece of equipment i`ve installed.The only negitive is,no load shedding on the transfer sw.