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Kohler 30RESA Liquid Cooled 30kW Generator Natural Gas or Propane Single Phase 240V With Extra Oil Reservoir
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Kohler 30RESA 30kW Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator Single Phase 120/240V With Extra Oil Reservoir

The 30RESA standby generator supplies emergency electrical power during a power outage. Together with an automatic transfer switch (sold separately), this autonomous, permanently installed system works automatically to keep the power on in your home when the utility supply is interrupted. Within seconds after an outage occurs, it provides up to 30 kilowatts of power to keep all your essentials and conveniences operating. The Kohler 30RESA is protected by a 5-year, limited consumer warranty for residential installation as a standby generator.

Fuel choices

This generator system operates on the home's natural gas or LP gas (propane) supply, which eliminates frequent refueling. Fuel consumption varies continuously and is directly dependent on the electrical load. Operating at half load, the 30RESA consumes 300 cubic feet of natural gas or 120 cubic feet of LP gas every hour. Maximum continuous power is 30 kilowatts when using LP gas, and 27 kilowatts using natural gas.


Kohler powers the 30RESA with a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine by General Motors. This engine is similar to that found in an automobile. The cooling system features a radiator, fan, and engine coolant which provides exceptional cooling, even while operating in hot weather climates. A fully-pressurized lubrication system reduces wear and ensures the engine operates for extended periods of time. It uses an isochronous electronic governor to maintain engine speed at 3600 RPM, and electronic ignition with fuel and spark controls provide optimal engine performance.


ADC 2100 digital controller has an LED display and membrane keypad for ease of operation. The display provides vital information such as run time, diagnostics, and crank status. It monitors the engine and displays faults for low oil pressure, high engine temperature, over-crank or over-engine speed, and a host of other fault conditions.

An integral voltage regulator maintains the generator output voltage within 1.5 percent while moving from no load to full load. Combined with the engine's built-in speed governor, this essential feature allows the generator to supply utility-quality power. The controller also monitors the battery status and provides alerts for high battery temperature or low voltage.

The membrane keypad allows password protected access to the menus for configuration and adjustment.

Power Generation

The power generating unit is a single-phase, four-lead, brush-type generator fully compliant with ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA regulations. The skewed rotor and pitched stator configuration maintain an exceptional output waveform even when the unit is fully loaded and starting motors. Rated continuous current is 125 amperes at 240 volts (30 kilovolt-amperes), with up to a 170 ampere (40 kilovolt-ampere) surge current. The generator is capable of a handling a short circuit condition for up to 10 seconds to prevent field collapse and to allow circuit breakers to trip.

Essential Optional Accessories

The OnCue Remote Management System allows you to access the generator from anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer. Receive system messages or have them sent to your service representative, view fault codes and clear them from history, even view multiple generators on a single screen, all in real time. (Sold Separately)

The block heater makes fast, easy starts possible in temperatures below freezing and increases generator set reliability in harsh, winter conditions. (Included)

An oil make up kit ensures your generator has a full supply of oil, even during extended operation. The kit increases the oil capacity of the generator by two quarts, for a total capacity (including filter) of 5.7 quarts or 5.4 liters. (Included)

Other options are available, talk to your Norwall Sales Representative for more information.

Appearance and Noise

The generator set comes fully equipped with a noise-reducing enclosure to protect the unit from the environment, unauthorized tampering, and damage from animals. The finish resists fading and scratching and is corrosion resistant. The lockable access doors are hinged and removable for ease of access during servicing and maintenance, and the pitched roof keeps water from accumulating.

Noise levels compare favorably with residential central air-conditioning units at 68dB, essential for neighborhood friendly suburban settings.


* Check the appliance manufacturer’s specifications for actual power requirements. Consult a Kohler Power Systems professional to calculate your exact residential power system requirements.

IMPORTANT:  Warranty Coverage - Stationary standby applications used as a backup to a commercial utility source: Five (5) years or 2000 hours (whichever occurs first) from  date of shipment from  the factory or registered startup date.  Start up service is not included, your local Kohler Dealer can quote the price for start up. 


Kohler 30RESA Liquid Cooled 30kW Generator Natural Gas or Propane Single Phase 240V With Extra Oil Reservoir

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