Kohler Load Control Module (LCM) w/Terminal Block | GM77177-KP2
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Kohler Load Control Module (LCM) w/Terminal Block

If you chose a smaller generator to power your home, the KOHLER Load Control Module can help manage higher electrical loads. During a power outage, the entire home will be connected to generator power, but some circuits may be cycled on and off to prevent overloading. The Load Control Module automatically manages up to six residential loads.


 • Automatically manages up to six residential loads.  Four power relays for management of non-essential secondary loads and two relays to control two independent air conditioner loads.   

• Loads are automatically added or disconnected based on generator capacity.

• Loads are added and shed according to their priority. 

• Nema 3R aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor installation.

• An LED display shows which loads are being powered and which load have been shed, and LED indicators flash to indicate fault conditions.

• With terminal block connections for installation of the LCM in any location.

• Compatible with Kohler generator sets equipped with the RDC2 or DC2 controllers, inluding the 14RESA/RESAL and 20RESA/RESAL.






Kohler Load Control Module (LCM) w/Terminal Block | GM77177-KP2

Kohler Generators Model #GM77177-KP2
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