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Portable Generators
Generac Portable iX Series iX2000

Portable Generator Facts to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Recently, a local store advertised an off-brand portable generator as the tool to have ready when the next power outage strikes or the world falls into chaos. It was also … Continue reading

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Generator Information Generator Tips Kohler Power Systems Standby Generators
Automatic Home Standby Generator

Kohler Power Systems—Residential and Commercial Standby Generators

Updated on September 29, 2016 Kohler Power Systems broke into manufacturing generators right after World War I to address a growing need for power in rural areas where power lines … Continue reading

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News Updates/Announcements
A Generac 750 watt inverter that connects to a 12-volt battery and produces 115 volts.

Inverters: Electrical Power From Your Vehicle

We drive around in vehicles that produce quite a bit of power. Most of the power is mechanical and is used to propel the vehicle in whatever direction we want … Continue reading

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Generator Information Information News Updates/Announcements
Generac Guardian Home Standby Generator

Generac Standby Generators for Homes and Businesses

Generac Power Systems began building generators in 1959 and over the last 55 years, they have become the largest manufacturer of residential standby generators in the world. The Generac standby … Continue reading

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Generator Information Updates/Announcements
Automatic Home Standby Generators

Standby Generators Provide Utility Quality Power

Read just about any product specification for a standby generator and more than likely you’ll run across words and phrases like “Total Harmonic Distortion,” “Frequency Variation,” “Harmonics,” “Sine Waves,” “Smooth … Continue reading

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