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Flood waters in Houston

Harvey Survival Tips and Advice—Ongoing Disaster Information

Harvey, now a tropical storm, remains a threat to life and property. Stay informed on the storm’s position and track at the National Hurricane Center Atlantic Ops. Only call 911 … Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness Information News

Hurricane Harvey Aims for Texas with 130 MPH Winds–12-Ft Storm Surge

Widespread Evacuations Ordered for Coastal Residents in Hurricane Harvey’s Path – Updated 6:00 PM CDT From the National Hurricane Center office in Miami, Florida, 2:00 PM EDT, 8-24-2017. Update 6:00 … Continue reading

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Extended Warranty Offers From Generac and Briggs and Stratton

End-of-Summer Savings: Free Extended Warranties on Standby Generators

Extended Warranty Offers on Generac—Briggs and Stratton Home Standby Generators As the summer draws to a close, the extended warranty offers on home standby generators from Generac and Briggs and … Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness News
The cyclonic clouds of a hurricane from space.

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Peak Begins with Tropical Storm Emily

Emily Makes Landfall on Anna Maria Island near Tampa Bay The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 and ends on November 30. Of the six-month period, June, July and November … Continue reading

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10-year limited extended warranty offer.

The Best Deal Ever on a Generac Home Standby Generator

Buy a qualified Generac Home Standby Generator from Norwall PowerSystems and receive a ten-year extended warranty plus 1 year of FREE maintenance. This limited-time offer runs from July 21, 2017 … Continue reading

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News Portable Generators
Fireworks Display

Celebrate Independence Day Safely on July 4

On July 2, 1776, the thirteen colonies in the New World declared themselves independent of the British Empire and rejected governance by the British Parliament. The colonies each formed a … Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness News Power Outage Tips
Extreme Heat with Thermometer 120 degrees F.

Dangerous Southwest Heat Wave – Power Outages Make Life Miserable

Record high temperatures across the southwestern United States have residents scrambling to keep cool while power outages only add to the misery. In the San Francisco Bay Area, nine cities … Continue reading

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Generac Variable Speed Pressure Washer

6 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Dad’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 18) and you might be wondering what to get Dad for this special day. If there’s one thing that will make just … Continue reading

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Portable Generators
The United States Flag against a blue sky with the sun shining through it.

Memorial Day and the Summer Season of Outdoor Fun

Every year on the last Monday in May, The United States observes Memorial Day. The day when as a nation we remember those who gave their lives in the service … Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness News
NASA image of Hurricane Isabel

Hurricane Preparedness Week 2017

Hurricanes are dangerous, powerful weather phenomena that bring extreme winds, heavy rain, storm surge, and other associated weather events. They belong to a family of storms call tropical cyclones and … Continue reading

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