Cummins Power Generation Standby Generators for Homes and Businesses

The Cummins Onan RS20 Standby Generator shown with automatic transfer switch.

Cummins Onan 20kW RS20 with ATS

The Cummins Power Generation line of standby generators at Norwall Power Systems offers 20-kilowatt and 13-kilowatt air-cooled models in various packages. Liquid-cooled models range in capacity from 20 to 60 kilowatts, with three-phase configurations available on some models.

Design considerations include appealing weather and corrosion-resistant enclosures, operating sound levels at or below those of most central air conditioning units, and various automatic transfer switch options.

Cummins Onan standby generator systems provide backup electrical power during an outage automatically to protect your home and family, even when you are not present.

Air-Cooled Standby

The Cummins Onan standby air-cooled generator packages include the RS20 and RS13 with options for 100- and 200-amp automatic transfer switches, wiring harnesses, and cold weather packages. At normal load conditions, the 62dB noise level is 10 percent quieter than the average 3-ton central-air conditioner, allowing it to easily fit into any neighborhood environment.

The in-home display makes control easy by putting control inside your home. No need to go outside in a storm or at night to check the generator.

The in-home display brings controls inside your home. No need to go outside in a storm or at night to check the generator.

All packages include the remote display which allows homeowners to view generator status without going outdoors. The remote display allows remote stopping and starting of the generator, setting exercise periods, configuration of the automatic transfer switch, fault and event display, service/maintenance reminders, and current load conditions to allow the homeowner to better manage the electrical load. The in-home display also allows email notification and Internet monitoring.

The remote display replaces the generator’s controller panel, an important consideration if technicians or maintenance personnel need access to the controller when the homeowner is away since they need access to the remote display.

The service-entrance-ready transfer switches are 100 or 200 amp with NEMA 3R enclosures suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. These ATS units include a 2-amp battery charger and are capable of managing non-essential loads (requires installation of optional contactor relays) to ensure an continuous supply of power.

RS20 Air Cooled

With up to 20 kilowatts of power, these standby generators can supply the average home with enough power that the homeowner will barely notice the outage. The generators operate on either Natural Gas or LP Gas and are easily configurable for either fuel during installation.

The RS20 air-cooled generators are US EPA and CARB emissions certified for sale in all 50 states. Generators and automatic transfer switches are UL2200 listed and CSA certified to protect your home and family. A molded polymer base and available wiring harnesses (included in some packages) simplify installation.

RS13 Air Cooled

Cummins Onan RS13 air-cooled standby generator

The RS13 Cummins Onan Standby Generator

The RS13 standby generators provide plenty of backup power for many homes and can start a 4-ton central air unit, even when the generator is already near full load.

Cummins Onan manufactures their RS13 standby generators as either LP units or NG units. These standby packages include generator-only models and bundles of different configurations with automatic transfer switches, cold-weather packages, and wiring harnesses. All RS13 packages include the remote display which also allows Internet monitoring and email notifications when installed inside the home.

US EPA and CARB emissions certification make the RS13 available in all 50 states. UL2200 listing for RS13A models, and CSA certification for RS13AC models.

Liquid Cooled Standby Generators

Liquid cooled Cummins Onan 20 kilowatt.

Cummins Onan RS20L

Cummins Onan liquid-cooled generators offer greater reliability for emergency backup power as residential or commercial generators. They have automotive style engines with a radiator, fan, and coolant to keep the engine cool, even in extreme heat.

The RS20L provides 20 kilowatts of power on LP Gas or Natural Gas. Two packages include either the 200-amp or 100-amp automatic transfer switch, coolant heater to improve cold weather starting and performance, fully automatic operation, and a 66dB sound level at full load.

Quiet Connect or Power Connect by Cummins Onan

Quiet Connect by Cummins Onan

The Quiet Connect Series of generators includes models ranging from 22 kilowatts to 40 kilowatts. They feature reliable 4-cylinder, 2.4 liter engines operating at 1800 RPM and are available in either 240-volt single phase or 208-volt three phase. Field-selectable LP Gas or Natural Gas operation.


Power Connect Series standby generators range in capacity from 30 kilowatts to 60 kilowatts and are easily configured in the field to run on Natural Gas or LP Gas. The 2.4 liter engines run at 3600 RPM. These generators provide either 120/240-volt single phase or 120/208-volt three phase current.

The Power Connect Standby Generator with Access Panel Removed.

The Power Connect with Access Panel Removed

Both the Power Connect and the Quiet Connect generators offer extreme cold-weather operation with reliable starting down to minus 40 degrees. They are NFPA 110 capable with the correct installation and configuration.

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