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Emergency Preparedness Information News
Hurricane Arthur impacts the USA Coast over the Noth Carolina Outer Banks.

Hurricane Preparedness: Determine Your Risk and Develop Your Plan

Hurricanes and tropical storms differ from other types of natural disasters in that we often have advance warning of their approach. Forecasters can predict the weather conditions that make tornadoes … Continue reading

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Information News
Hurricane Get Ready

Prepare Now for the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season is June 1, but as we’ve already seen this year with Hurricane Alex which formed in January, hurricanes and tropical cyclones can … Continue reading

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Generator Tips Information News
A view of flooded homes from a helicopter with a National Guardsman in the open helicopter doorway.

Replacing your Home Standby Generator after a Flood

Flooding is a common, annual occurrence throughout the United States and few places are entirely immune. Tropical Storms and hurricanes can inundate an area with many inches of rain and … Continue reading

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Generator Information Generator Tips Information News
Briggs & Stratton Warranty comparison

Standby Generator Warranties Matter: Know what yours Covers

Briggs & Stratton has taken a hard look at their warranty and how it compares to the warranties offered by other manufacturers, and for a good reason. The purchase and … Continue reading

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4 Unexpected Things You’ll Miss During a Winter Power Outage by Generac Power Systems

According to a recent study, just four percent of surveyed homeowners selected heat as the household item they would miss the most during a power outage, compared to more than … Continue reading

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Portable Generators Updates/Announcements
Generac iQ Series 2000 Watt Inverter Portable Generator | 6866

Portable Power for Outdoor Enthusiasts Just Got a Lot Less Noisy

Superior to the Competition: The all-new Generac iQ2000 provides quieter, smarter power wherever you go Generac’s new iQ2000 inverter power generator is third-party tested and proven to be quieter* than … Continue reading

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News Updates/Announcements

Upgrade and Save Today with a Kohler Generator

Upgrade and Save Today Why upgrade to a Kohler generator? Every Kohler generator is extensively quality-tested before model release and before leaving the factory. The result is proven reliability. The … Continue reading

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Generator Information
Generac Protector Series

Generator Engines: Naturally Aspirated vs Turbocharged

As fuel efficiency and air quality standards take center stage in nearly every engine design, manufacturers look to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Since it’s development, internal combustion engine designers … Continue reading

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Portable Generators
The Electric Start GP Portable Series from Generac

On The Job Power: Portable Generators for Commercial Use

Portable generators bring electrical power anywhere it is needed. From job sites to emergencies to outdoor events, these work horses put in long hours and provide economical, reliable power for … Continue reading

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Water Pumps
All Inclusive Kit Includes 10 foot suction hose, 25 foot discharge hose, strainer and connectors.

Generac Expands Product Portfolio to Include Water Pumps

New easy-to-use water pumps create a reliable solution for consumers’ emergency and maintenance needs   Generac recently introduced a new product line, featuring clean water and semi-trash pumps. The pumps … Continue reading

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