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Satellite imagery shows the well organized storm system that could become a tropical cyclone off the coast of Florida later this week.

June 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season off to a Slow Start

The end of June, 2014 brings the possibility for the first tropical cyclone of the season to the coast of Florida. At 2 PM EDT, an area of low pressure … Continue reading

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Information News
Hurricane Get Ready

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Torrential Rain and Inland Flooding

Tropical cyclones produce copious amounts of rain. The energy released when rain drops condense are what provide the storm with it’s high winds. Conversely to wind speed, it is the … Continue reading

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Inland Flooding: National Hurricane Preparedness Week

In terms of lives lost, inland flooding poses more danger than a storm surge or hurricane force winds. According to Ed Rappaport of the National Hurricane Center, “In the last … Continue reading

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