Generac Protector Series 48kW Automatic Standby Diesel Generator RD04834
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Generac Protector Series 48kW Automatic Standby Diesel Generator

The Generac Protector RD04834 is a 48 kilowatt, diesel-powered standby generator that works with an automatic transfer switch (purchase separately) to provide backup power during a power outage for refrigeration, heating and cooling, pumps and lighting. The Protector offers peace of mind from worries that power outages will leave your home or business without electrical power. Generac guarantees its Protector Series with a five-year limited warranty.

Code Ready

Generac Protector Series Diesel Generators meet various local building codes with features and optional accessories designed to make code compliance easy.

The fuel tank is a UL/CUL-142 listed, externally vented and filled double-walled tank with external venting and filling, and leak detection. The double-wall design contains leaks within the outer tank to prevent environmental contamination. A leak-detection feature shuts down the generator and issues an alarm.

Other Code Ready Accessories include an emergency stop and fuel cut off, a fuel spill and recovery system, locking fuel caps, and low-fuel alarms, among other Code Ready Accessories.


The RD04834 is powered by an in-line, four-cylinder diesel engine with cast iron cylinder heads and aluminum pistons. The liquid-cooled, 3.4-liter overhead-valve power plant provides efficient and reliable power over a long life span.

Built-in protection from high engine or oil temperature, low oil pressure, and over-crank/over-speed conditions provide engine shutdown to prevent damage and issue alerts for maintenance.

This engine consumes four gallons of diesel per hour at full load and the 62 gallon tank provides a run time of 24 hours at half load.

Evolution Controls

The Evolution Controller manages all aspects of The Protector operation. It continuously monitors the incoming utility supply lines and starts the generator two to 1500 seconds (dealer programmable to prevent starts during momentary outages) after it detects an outage. After startup, it instructs the automatic transfer switch to isolate the building from the utility lines and supply power from the generator.

After the utility restores power, the generator is disconnected and the utility supply is reconnected. The engine runs during a cool-down cycle, then shuts down.

The controller has a two-line, multi-lingual display with a back-lit, membrane keypad that displays generator status at glance with colored LEDs and provides access to the Evolution's reports and alerts, and allows programming of exercise periods and maintenance scheduling.

The Evolution monitors engine sensors, regulates the generator voltage and frequency, and provides extensive fault reporting. Integrated into the controller is a smart battery charger that maintains the battery and alerts the owner to install a new battery in advance of a battery failure.

Mobile Link, an optional accessory, provides remote access to the Evolution Controller via a web-based dashboard from inside the building or anywhere with internet access via mobile phones, computers, or tablets. Check generator status and alerts, read reports, or program exercise periods and schedule maintenance from indoors or across the country.

Eliminate trips outside to check the display with an optional Basic or Advanced wireless monitor. View generator status with the basic model, or step up and add reports, alerts, and programming functions with the advanced model.

Generator Unit

Generator design is a directly-connected, rotating-field AC generator that supplies utility quality power for computers, appliances, and sensitive electronics including security systems and air conditioners. Advanced voltage regulation and frequency control by the controller provide for a steady, clean supply of electrical power that is free of noise even when the generator is operating under a heavy load that is continuously changing.

Appearance and Noise

The RD04834 Protector installs on a concrete pad at least five feet from the building, depending on local ordinances. It measures 96 inches wide, 56 inches high, and 35 inches deep with its aluminum cabinet and sits on top of it's 62-gallon fuel tank. A unique feature is the controller viewing window which allows viewing the controller display without opening the cabinet.

Generator noise levels compare favorably with most central air units at 70 decibels, making this unit suitable for installation in neighborhood and business environments.

The RD04834 is single phase only, for 3 phase voltage please view the RD05034.

Compatible with Generac RTSW, RTSC, RTSR, RTSY, RTSN automatic transfer switches, options available for all phases and voltages.

Not for sale outside of US/CA
Meets EPA Emission Regulations
CA/MA Emissions Compliant

Country Living
Comment by Jim C. on 9th Nov 2014

My Mom and Dad are both in their 80's and live in the country. With the installation of the 6551 I can rest assured that they will never be without power, heat, ac and water. this is a great unit and worked perfectly upon startup. Should have installed this a lot sooner for them.

By the way, my son-in-law also has one for his home. I live in a motorhome or I would have one also.

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